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Plano An Historic Walking Tour (TX) (Images of America)

Nancy McCulloch

The history of Plano, Texas is as rich as the soil that attracted early settlers to the area in the mid to late 1800s. Vividly portrayed here in over 200 images, author Nancy McCulloch recreates for the reader the remarkable history of this forward-thinking town. A large number of residents from Kentucky and Tennessee were attracted to the rich black soil and farming prospects of this part of Peters Colony. Sam Houston, as a former governor of Tennessee, enticed families from these states to travel to the Plano area and seek out a new and better way of life. From 1870 to 1886, Plano’s population expanded tenfold. As early as the late 1800s the community developed a reputation for progressive thinking and beautiful homes.

Historic Downtown Plano (Images of America)

Janice Craze Cline

Historic Downtown Plano focuses on the city’s main mercantile area of Mechanic (Fifteenth Street) and Main (K Avenue) and the surrounding heritage districts of Haggard Park, Old Towne, and the Douglass Community. Incorporated in 1873, downtown Plano has endured at least five major fires, the Great Depression, closure of the interurban railway, and retail and corporate development to the west of the area. In recent years, downtown Plano has benefited from ongoing redevelopment and revitalization as an urban transit village with the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) light rail train service to the area―taking us back to those days of old.

Dallas Noir (Akashic Noir)

David Hale Smith

One of Texas Monthly's "5 Things You’ll be Talking about in November""All in all, the stories in Dallas Noir have an unsettling, slightly creepy presence that is not just appropriate but completely necessary for a collection of noir fiction. If you think Dallas is boring or white-bread -- well, perhaps you haven’t gotten out much and seen the dark edges of Big D for yourself. And if you haven’t, maybe you don’t even want to."--Dallas Morning News"If you want to delve into the creepier sides of Dallas, this is a good start."--Lakewood/East Dallas Advocate"Dallas Noir is a fiction mosaic, showing a city of class divisions precariously held together by money, land, and false love. It also shows the expanse of noir and it’s power."--MysteryPeople.com (MysteryPeople Pick of the Month)"The latest entry in Akashic Books’ award-winning noir anthology series doesn’t disappoint, featuring a Texas-sized serving of writing’s heavy hitters and satisfying short fiction."--Criminal Class Press"There are two reasons why you should buy Dallas Noir...Reason No. 1: you’ll enjoy reading it. Reason No. 2: the publisher, Akashic Books, has published these noir series all over the country."--D Magazine/FrontBurner"November 22 looms, and as the watershed nears, a new anthology of short stories sets out with a noble purpose: to make Dallas known for something more than the place where President John F. Kennedy was assassinated."--Dallas Culture Map"Yet, Dallas’ almost-fleeting presence, the glaring contrasts of the stinking rich and the hapless poor, its buxom women and its Texan masculinity teamed with Hispanic folklore, all find their way into each of these 16 short stories."--The Mercury (UTD Student Newspaper)"If we are going to commemorate the milestone anniversary of the worst crime ever committed in Big D, why not precede it with a few tales of bad luck, bad choices, and bad timing?"--M. Denise C."A great collection of brand new short stories."--Kick Ass Book ReviewsFeaturing brand-new stories by: Kathleen Kent, Ben Fountain, James Hime, Harry Hunsicker, Matt Bondurant, Merritt Tierce, Daniel J. Hale, Emma Rathbone, Jonathan Woods, Oscar C. Peña, Clay Reynolds, Lauren Davis, Fran Hillyer, Catherine Cuellar, David Haynes, and J. Suzanne Frank.From the introduction by David Hale Smith:My favorite line in my favorite song about Dallas goes like this: Dallas is a rich man with a death wish in his eyes / A steel and concrete soul in a warm heart and love disguise . . . The narrator of Jimmie Dale Gilmore’s perfect tune “Dallas” is coming to town as a broke dreamer with the bright lights of the big city on his mind. He’s just seen the Dallas cityscape through the window of his seat on a DC-9 at night. Is he just beginning his quest? Or is he on his way home, flying out of Love Field, reminiscing after seeing the woman who stepped on him when he was down?In a country with so many interesting cities, Dallas is often overlooked—except on November 22 every year. The heartbreaking anniversary keeps coming back around in a nightmare loop, for all of us. On that day in 1963, Dallas became American noir. A permanent black scar on its history that will never be erased, no matter how many happy business stories and hit television shows arise from here. In a stark ongoing counterweight to the JFK tragedy are those two iterations of the TV show. Dallas is not a TV show. It’s a real city . . . For the past forty years, my capacity to be surprised by it has not diminished one bit. I hope the stories in this collection will surprise you too.

Dallas Fort Worth and the Metroplex: #1 Guide to Addison, Arlington, Farmers Branch, Garland, Grand Prairie, Grapevine, Irving, Mesquite, North Richland Hills, Plano, Richardson

Robert R. Rafferty

The biggest, best, most comprehensive guide to one of America's most distinctive and diverse metropolitan areas, this book puts the facts and fancies of the dynamic area of Texas known as "the Metroplex." With Dallas and Ft. Worth as the centerpieces, this guidebook also covers several surrounding communities that offer their own special flavors of the Lone Star State.

Marmac Guide to Dallas, A (Marmac Guides)

Yves Gerem

Longtime Dallas resident and travel writer Yves Gerem has completely updated this exhaustive listing of the best restaurants, attractions, accommodations, and more.

Plano Travel Journal: Blank Travel Notebook (6x9), 108 Lined Pages, Soft Cover (Blank Travel Journal)(Travel Journals To Write In)(US Flag)

Dartan Creations

Unguided Blank Travel Journals For Adventure People

Enjoy our “Blank Travel Journal” series by Dartan Creations by choosing any one of our variations as your blank traveling notebook. Just search Dartan Creations Blank Travel Journal to see. Include your destination for even better results.

Travel notebooks are inspirational to write in and give your trip a whole new meaning. Memories are not lost as new and exciting adventures replace the old ones.

Your travel diary is meant to be filled with stories, adventures, food you loved and places you would not go again. Buy different ones for different places and develop your personal collection of traveling journals.

108 lined pages without prompts let you write freely and undistracted. The perfect keepsake and travel journal to write in.

This is the perfect travel-themed gift for anyone you know who loves to travel.

Grab this traveling journal today and start collecting those travel memories.

Plano DIY City Guide and Travel Journal: City Notebook for Plano, Texas

Younghusband American City Notebooks

This is a quirky city notebook designed to inspire listmakers to create their own city guide and city biography in list form and journal the heck out of their time in the city. It's a do it (all) yourself notebook for independent travelers and thinkers!

"Plano is a fantastic city! So, why not create your own city guide and keep a travel journal to help make your time there unforgettable, fun, and organized?" — Cormac Younghusband

PLANO DIY CITY GUIDE AND TRAVEL JOURNAL: CITY NOTEBOOK FOR PLANO, TEXAS is a journal and city guide re-invented for travelers, urban explorers and city locals alike! This notebook is a journal and do-it-yourself city guide that helps you keep all your important information about Plano organized and ready for when you need it and where you need it.

Use the pages of this American City Notebook to document your adventures, experiences, thoughts, and memories. Have fun making lists of all the highlights and lowlights Plano has to offer. This is the perfect place to journal your time in Plano! This is the perfect place to write down and organize everything you find fascinating about the city - which is why it's your diy city guide and journal.

DIY CITY GUIDE: Inside you will find creative DIY sections like: Getting Started; City Confidential; City Folks; Places to Stay; See & Explore; Eat, Drink & Be Merry; Shopping; Sport, Health and Fitness; Entertaining Stuff To Do; Blacklist Must Miss; Special Lists; City Journal; Rating & Embetterment; and, Notes : Sketches : Maps.

TRAVEL JOURNAL: When you are ready to document your adventures in Plano, you will find fifty journal pages where you can record key details about the day, weather, locations visited, what happened, thoughts on what happened, notes, and the highlight of the day.

Make your time in Plano more fun, more organized, more productive and more creative by diving headfirst into your new Plano DIY City Guide and Travel Journal!

"Aldous Huxley said 'For every traveler who has any taste of his own, the only useful guidebook will be the one which he himself has written.'" To help with that, I created a line of DIY City Guides and Travel Journals where you can create your own city guide and document all you city adventures. Enjoy!" — Cormac Younghusband


"Find a place in the world you haven't been, and go there. Keep on trucking, my friends!" - Cormac Younghusband, The World's Most Legendary Nomad

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