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Hillendale Park

Old Virginia Houses: The Mobjack Bay Country and Along the James

Emmie Ferguson Farrar

From the Foreword: During the years I spent in a Richmond bookshop to a great extent devoted to literature about American backgrounds, we used to occupy our leisure moments discussing among ourselves and with collectors the need for a series of books about old houses in Virginia. . . . As time went on, however, our hope that someone would be found to carry out this project failed of realization. Finally it seemed to us that the only wayt to get the job done, was to undertake it ourselves. So, with a good deal of hesitation, because of the arduous and difficult nature of the task, we set to work on the first volume, Old Virginia Houses: The Mobjack Bay Country, which was published in 1955 . . . This encouraged us to go ahead with the second volume in the series, covering that section of the state, perhaps its most historic region, which extends along the James River, from Richmond to the Capes. Many scholars, owners, and many friends have assisted us, have given information, have helped in various ways. . . .

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