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Long Branch Church

Middleburg (Images of America)

Kate Brenner

Middleburg was established in 1787 by Leven Powell, one of Virginias founding fathers. Following a long decline after the Civil War, the arrival of foxhunting in 1904 gave the town an international reputation for breeding, showing, and racing Thoroughbred horses. Over the ensuing decades, Middleburg would undertake significant historic preservation, but the town would also be remarkable for its laissez-faire attitude toward the rich and famous. Movie stars and presidents were seduced not only by Middleburgs horses, hounds, and history, but also by its respect for the privacy of its more renowned residents and visitors. In Middleburg, photographs from the collections of local residents Howard Allen and Tyler Gore as well as from the National Sporting Library, the Library of Congress, and other sources were chosen to reflect the character and charm of this historic village.

Middleburg Mystique: A Peek Inside the Gates of Middleburg, Virginia (Capital Hometown Guides)

Vicky Moon

"Middleburg Mystique" reveals the charms, gossip, and scandals of this small well-to-do village, and the surrounding swath of horse farms just 50 miles west of Washington, D.C. It tells of scandalous divorces (like actor Robert Duvall’s wife running off with the poolman) and racy murders (like arms heiress Susan Cummings shooting her Argentinean polo-playing lover). Middleburg has captivated the Kennedys, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Wagner, and Oliver North. It has gossiped about misdeeds, then turned around and protected both rich and lowly as if they were all family. "Middleburg Mystique" also provides an insider’s peek behind the grand stone entrances of massive estates with names such as "The Meadows" or "Heathfield" that belong to families such as the Firestones, Mellons, and Marriotts.

Clay County (FL) (Images of America)

Kevin S. Hooper

During the Civil War, Clay County, along with other parts of Florida, served as a resting place for convalescing Union soldiers, many of whom wrote home about the area's tropical winters and natural wonders. They returned after the war and became some of Florida's first tourists. Soon, small boarding houses along the banks of the St. Johns River invited Northern residents to enjoy the balmy winter climate, while Green Cove Springs enticed thousands to its warm sulfur spring. At Magnolia, once a Union fortification, a large and prosperous hotel was constructed that housed almost 800 guests. Clay County grew with the tourist industry and continued to develop with the farming community that later became Penney Farms and the Pennsylvania-settled town of Keystone Heights. These and other locations were captured by Isaac Haas, Clay County's most prolific 19th-century photographer, who was born in Middleburg and is responsible for many of the images in this volume.

Loudoun County Fair (Images of America)

Stephanie Briley Fidler

Dating back to 1936, the Loudoun County Fair has been a place for the community to celebrate the agriculture of the area. Established for 4-H members to have a fair of their own, the Loudoun County Fair has provided a place, along with volunteers and the support of the community, for the children to exhibit their animals, home economics projects, and produce. After moving from Purcellville to Middleburg and then to Lincoln, the fair found a permanent home in 1956 on donated land in the Clarke's Gap area of Loudoun County. Since the 1957 fair, a livestock auction has been added, an auditorium has been built, and new barns have been erected. Take a step back, slow down, and enjoy the history and beauty of one of Loudoun's longest-running events, the Loudoun County Fair.

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