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Washington Mill Park

Fort Washington (MD) (Images of America)

Nathania Branch-Miles

In 1809, Gen. George Washington directed the construction of a military post overlooking the Potomac River to protect the city of Washington from the British. Fort Warburton, as it was originally known, was destroyed in 1814 by its own commanding officer, who ordered the fort’s destruction on the approach of the British fleet. A strong community remains, thriving on diversity, economic growth, and its close proximity to the nation’s capital. Recently, the citizens of Fort Washington renewed their efforts to preserve history; this dedication is evident in the revitalization of Fort Washington Park under the auspices of the National Park Service. Images for this volume, which date to the birth of photography, were drawn from the National Archives and Records and the Library of Congress, as well as private collections.

Washington County (MD) (Images of America)

Mary H. Rubin

In the heart of the Cumberland Valley, between the Blue Ridge and Allegheny Mountains, lies Washington County―site of one of the nation’s oldest settlements dating back to 1737. Its location betweenPennsylvania and West Virginia places this county at the crossroads of history and commerce. Washington County celebrates the birth and survival of a place and its people over centuries and mirrors the growthof our nation. American history comes alive in this region created independent of Frederick County in 1776, named for Gen. George Washington, and settled by English, French, Swiss, German, and Scottish settlers. Forgotten images of historic mills and bridges will allow readers to journey to the past. Remember the days of the C&O Canal and a way of life that has disappeared forever. Visit historic sites such as Fort Frederick and the first monument to honor George Washington. Relive the heyday of Pen Mar Park and enjoy the waters of Belinda Springs. Feel the effects that the Civil War, the Battle of Antietam, the National Road, and the coming of the railroad all had on this remarkable area years ago.

The Big Book of Civil War Sites: From Fort Sumter to Appomattox, a Visitor's Guide to the History, Personalities, and Places of America's Battlefields

Eric Ethier

The Big Book of Civil War Sites is the consummate travel reference for America’s Civil War battlefields. Whether exploring the Southern states or the Eastern theater, history-focused travelers and Civil War buffs finally have ready access to in-depth and thorough listings of all major sites, including historical background information, travel options, museums, and events.

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