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Long Run Church

Wild & Wonderful (and Paranormal) West Virginia

Denver Michaels

West Virginia, the Mountain State, is a hotbed of paranormal activity. UFOs frequent the skies;"flying rays" have been spotted along the Ohio River; thunderbirds follow a flight path that runs through the state. Of course, there are the classic flying cryptids, the Flatwoods Monster and Mothman, both of whom left their marks in the Mountain State decades ago.The densely forested hills of West Virginia conceal a number of odd creatures. Bigfoot sightings regularly occur throughout the state. Other bipedal cryptids such as Sheepsquatch and dogmen lurk in the shadows as well. It is not hard to find an outdoorsman in the state who has spotted a mountain lion; many folks claim to have seen black panthers in the woods. That's not all—devil monkeys, chupacabras, phantom dogs, and more stalk the hillsides. The strangeness in the Mountain State dates further back than most people imagine. Long ago, an enigmatic people, the Mound Builders, left strange earthworks behind. Hundreds of burial mounds, many containing the skeletal remains of giants, were left in present-day West Virginia. Another strange group, the "moon-eyed people," also known as the Azgen, supposedly inhabited large portions of the state before being driven out by the Shawnee. Could these ancient peoples, the Azgen and the Mound Builders, have something to do with strange phenomena today?West Virginia is home to many haunted locations. From battlefields to hospitals to hotels and all points in between, there is no shortage of ghosts stories to go around.In this book, Denver Michaels seeks answers to why West Virginia experiences a disproportionate amount of strange phenomena. Delving into the history of the state, he tries to understand what is behind the unusual activity, strange stories, and cryptid creatures of the Mountain State.

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