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San Francisco - Tour #2: Explore Telegraph Hill by Bob Vaklove

About this guidebook

Your meeting's all done, and now you've got three hours left to kill before you fly home from San Francisco. Here's what you can do!

So you spent the last few days at the conference with no time to stroll through the streets of downtown San Francisco.  But now you're all done, and even with a scant few hours left in your business trip you can still soak up that great San Francisco atmosphere. Sure you could attempt to scramble around hitting all the usual touristy places as fast as you can, but we think focussing on a few quality destinations would make for a richer experience and a brilliant finish to your business travel. Here's two great options to kill 3 hours and still have time to catch the BART to the airport: For simplicity, we've focussed these tours on the Powell St. BART station, you can do one itinerary for 3 hours, or you could even combine with other tours for 5 to 6 hours of fun.

Between these suggested places, there are many shops, restaurants and pubs where you can find a great bite,  refreshing drink and can take a breather.

- Head up to Telegraph hill,  from  Union Square you can hop a bus (45 or 30)  up Stockton St. to Columbus Avenue.  Stroll through the incredible Italian shops and restaurants, peruse the menus and find something you'd like for an impromptu feast.

- Next, burn off that pasta by doing the 15 minute  walk up Grant Avenue to Grenwich St., hanging a right to make your way to the tower. On a sunny day when the fog has disappeared, the views of the city are spectacular, so take a few selfies to brag to your coworkers at home. http://sfrecpark.org/destination/telegraph-hill-pioneer-park/coit-tower/

The museum dedicated to the iconic San Francisco cable cars is a 15 minute stroll back down the Telegraph Hill along Kearny, Broadway and Mason Streets. On your arrival you'll find historic cable cars, mechanical devices, historic photographs and memorabilia from the city's long history with the cable car. - http://www.cablecarmuseum.org

Of course, on your way to the airport - you can catch Powell - Hyde cable car down to the Powell St. BART station for your return to the airport, 

Union Square, where you can ice skate during Christmas and shop at Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue
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