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Vancouver Trips - Lillooet by Bob Vaklove

About this guidebook

Amazing trip from Vancouver to Vancouver. It is about 700 km long drive and it shows the best what British Columbia can offer. You can do it in one day or take your time and spend a week discovering the beauty of BC.

Vancouver, the synonym for diversity, beautiful scenery, rain and sunshine. Place which inspired the TV series Portlandia.

The mining museum. Place where you learn about BC history and see where Scooby Doo movie was shot.

Hiking the Chief, taking gondola, Shannon Falls are just few places to checkout. The railway museum is interesting as well.

Best ski resort in North America. Summer = mountain biking and hiking. Among many hikes the Singing Pass & Musical Bumps is memorable 8 hours tour.

Joffre Lakes, must see. Don't be lazy and hike to the lake #3. You will be rewarded with awesome scenery. 

Great place to stop and have a lunch. Local museum full of stories from the Gold Rush days.

Take a tram down to the canyon, spectacular specially during high water season and salmon run.

Othello Tunnels, engineering marvel what people could accomplish without GPS.

On the shore of the lake build a sand castle, picnic on the beach.

Small airport, awesome pies - apple,  lemon, blueberry and more. 
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