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Szombathely is the centre of Vas county in Vas County in Hungary.

Get in

The nearest international airports operate in ViennaBratislavaGrazBudapest, Sármellék.

  • Szombathely Airfield, Gencsapáti and Söpte villages (North). Serving for sporting and recreational purposes. Used only by low-power and glider aircraft. 

By train

  • Train Station. International line: EURegio ticket is available from Vienna for €22 round trip. National lines: From Budapest InterCity ticket is available for ~Ft 9000 . Trains to http://www.oebb.at/ Sopron (hourly, 50 min, ~Ft 1300 ). 

By bus

  • 1 Szombathely Bus Station (Szombathelyi Autóbuszpályaudvar), Ady tér 3. (Center), ☏ +36 94 312-054. Regularly departs to Kőszeg, Győr and Sopron. Vasi Volan is the local service provider. 

Get around

The city has an extensive network of local buses. The local bus transport provides the Vasi Volán.

By bike

The city has well-developed bicycle path is nearly 33 km long (2012). The bike routes connect the individual parts of the city and tourist sights. The most beautiful path at quayside of the Gyöngyös creek. Out of the city: Bike path leads toward Bulcsu village to 'Írottkő' Nature Park and Vashegy (Iron Mountain) bike lanes.


  • Arboretum of Kámon (Kámoni arborétum). 
  • Cathedral (Székesegyház, Püspöki Palota és Romkert). 
  • 1 Franciscan Church and Monastery of Szombathely (Szombathelyi Római katolikus Szent Erzsébet ferences templom és kolostor), Aréna u. 1 /A., ☏ +36 94 311-689. M-Sa 06:00-12:00, 16:00-19:15,; Su 06:00-12:30 and 15:00-19:15. This is a former Franciscan Church, built in Gothic style in 1380s. In 1630 with a tower expanding and slightly modified in Baroque style. The temple main asset a picture of the altar showing the city in 1716, this is the oldest authentic portrayal about Szombathely. On the wall of the sanctuary can be seen a 14th-century Gothic fresco fragments probably depicting St. Elizabeth. 


  • Diocesan Collection and Treasury (Egyházmegyei Gyűjtemény és Kincstár). 
  • Northern Waterworks of Szombathely (Északi Vízmű - Vízmű Történeti Múzeum). This is an industrial history museum. 
  • Gothard Astrophysical Observatory Museum (Gothard Asztrofizikai Obszervatórium Múzeuma). 
  • Iseum Savariense Archaeology Workshop (Iseum Savariense Régészeti Műhely és Tárház). Tu-Su. The ruins of the shrine of the goddess Isis (Iseum) 
  • Rescue museum of Fusz Erno (Fusz Ernő Mentőmúzeum). 
  • Ruin Garden of Járdányi Paulovics István (Járdányi Paulovics István Romkert). with the remnants of the Amber Road 
  • Savaria Museum (Savaria Múzeum). 
  • Smidt Museum (Smidt Múzeum). 
  • Visitor center of St. Martin (Szent Márton Látogatóközpont). 
  • Szombathely Military Museum (Szombathely katonatörténete). Military history collection 
  • Szombathely Picture Gallery (Szombathelyi Képtár). 
  • Museum Village of Vas (Vasi Múzeumfalu). Open Air Museum 

Further afield

  • 2 Balogunyom (S 5 km). Catholic church 
  • 3 Bozsok (NW 10 km of Szombathely). Sibrik-Palace, Ruins of Batthyány Castle, Jewish meadow (Zsidó-rét) 
  • 4 Bucsu (W 12 km). The ruins of the Roman aqueduct. 
  • 5 Cák (German Zackenbach, Croatian:Caka) (SW 4 km of Kőszeg). Wine Cellars, Maria Farm of Eresztvény-valley, Chestnut walkway, peachy Lebanese cedar conifer 
  • 6 Csempeszkopács (SE 15 km). Catholic church 
  • Csepreg (E 10 km from Kőszeg). Catholic Church, St. Catherine's Chapel and Convent, Schöller Castle 
  • 8 Ják (S 10 km, bus or bike). National Level Protected Roman Church and St. James Chapel 
  • 9 Kám (SE 25 km, bus). Jeli arboratum 
  • 10 Kőszegszerdahely (German: Ginisdorf) (SW from Kőszeg). Catholic church, Water mill, Chestnut Alley 
  • 11 Rábatöttös (SE 20 km). Catholic Church 
  • 12 Sorokpolány (S 10 km). Assumption Roman Catholic Church (15th-century Gothic )), external walls are remains of frescoes. Szapáry Mansion built in the mid-19th century, eclectic style.- The Szapáry mausoleum, was built in 1878 in neo-Renaissance style. 
  • 13 Sárvár (E 20 km). Nádasdy Castle and Arboretum founded in 1802, St. Ladislaus Church, St. Nicholas neogothic church, Calvary church, Hatvanys Deutsch Palace, In 1701 erected the Christ-column. Here passes through the Countrywide Blue Tour. 
  • 14 Szeleste (NE 20 km). Virgin Mary of Alsószeleste Church, St. Joseph's of Felsőszeleste Church, Castle of Szentgyörgy, Festetics-Szentgyörgyi-Horváth-Palace, Arboretum, Festetics Palace, Thermal Spa. The Countrywide Blue Tour passes through the village 
  • 15 Tömörd (N 15 km). Chernel Mansion and its park, Nagy Lake, Church of St. Helena ruins of the Fort Ilona. The Countrywide Blue Tour passed the village. 
  • 16 Vasvár (German: Eisenburg) (SE 25 km take a train). Peace House - here signed the treatment of Vasvár, Dominican Convent and Church, Roman rampart remains, Chapel of Szentkút, Lake of Szentkút 
  • 17 Velem (German: Sankt Veit) (SW from Kőszeg). Schulter's water historic mill,St. Vitus Chapel; Stirling villa, now creative house; Szépkilátó rock; Chestnut groves; medieval castle ruins and ancient citadel (1st millennium BC) 
  • 18 Vép (E 5 km). Erdődy Mansion and Arboretum 



  • Swimming Pool and Thermal Bath (Szombathelyi Fedett Uszoda és Termálfürdő). 
  • Lake's Bath (Tófürdő). 


  • 'Bartók Fesztivál és Szeminárium' - Festival and Seminar
  • 'Bloomsday' - a cultural event organized around the Leopold Bloom family house (can be found here )
  • 'Lamantin Jazzfesztivál' - Jazz Festival
  • 'Mediawave Nemzetközi Film és Zene fesztivál' - International Film and Music Festival
  • 'Savaria Történelmi Karnevál' - The annual 'Savaria Historical Carnival', held in mid-to-late August, with colorful Roman-age programmes including gladiator fights, Roman theatre and a historical parade on the main square
  • 'Iseumi Szabadtéri Játékok' - (Outdoor Games of Iseum) - opera and musical performances in the world's third largest Iseum (a kind of ancient sanctuary)
  • 'Márton-napi Vásár' - (St. Martin's Day Fair)
  • 'Szent György-napi Vásár' - (St George's Day Fair)
  • 'Savaria Nemzetközi Táncverseny' - International Dance Competition
  • Szent Márton európai kulturális útvonal - St. Martin's European cultural route


The Countrywide Blue Tour (in Hungarian:Országos Kéktúra , Kéktúra or simply OKT) is a part of the Hungarian section of the European Long Distance Walking Route E4. The route starts atop the Irottkő Mountain (884 m) on the Austrian-Hungarian border a short distance from Szombathely.


  • Cultural and Youth Center of County (Megyei Művelődési és Ifjúsági Központ). 
  • Theatre of Sandor Weöres (Weöres Sándor Színház). 
  • Agora, House of Culture and Sport (Agora Művelődési és Sportház). 



  • 1 Gödör (A Haspártiak Vendéglője), Hollán Ernő utca 10-12 (About 200 yards from the central bus station), ☏ +36 94 510 078. M-Th 11;00-23:00, F Sa 11:00-00:00, Su 11:00-15:00. A very Hungarian restaurant, with hearty dishes and portion sizes that exactly reflect the fame of Hungarian hospitality. The prices are more than fair for the amount of food you get served. Special recommendations are Mrs Viczak's Secret (fried chicken breast filled with a cream cheese, herb, ham, and kernel corn filling), Tower of Babel (Steak, hash browns and smoked cheese on a toast bread, topped off with a sunny-side-up), Pan-baked Pork Knee (Tepsis Csülök - pork knee baked with potatoes, sausages and eggs), or for bigger families or groups, one of the multi-person platters. They charge a nominal fee of Ft 50 for boxing the leftovers - but you will need it! Ft 1500-2500 per person. 
  • Móló Café & Restaurant. 



  • 1 Hotel Pelikan, ☏ +36 94 513 800. (updated Dec 2018)
  • Claudius Hotel, ☏ +36 94 313 760. (updated Dec 2018)


  • Tourinform Szombathely, Király u. 1/a, ☏ +36 94 317269, fax: +36 94 317269, szombathely@tourinform.hu. 

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