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Monroeville is a city in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, 12 miles east of Pittsburgh. It is a suburb of Pittsburgh, situated at the intersection of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) and the Parkway East (I-376) which runs to Downtown Pittsburgh.

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Driving is the easiest way to access Monroeville, being at the intersection of two freeways: the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) and the Parkway East (I-376). Several Port Authority routes serve Monroeville, but all either don't run very often or only operate during rush hours.

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  • Monroeville Mall - at US Business Route 22 (William Penn Hwy) and Mall Boulevard.





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Monroeville: Literary Capital of Alabama (Images of America)

Kathy McCoy

Monroeville is the county sear of Monroe County, a count older than the state of Alabama itself. Located in what was the western Creek Nation, Monroeville became the center of county business in 1832, eighteen years after the surrender of the Creeks to Andrew Jackson. Monroeville soon became a powerful political base in the state. In the 20th century, it hosted visits from “Big Jim” Folsom as well as George Wallace, a powerful young orator who would change the face of American politics. Today, Monroeville is known as the childhood home of internationally known authors Harper Lee and Truman Capote. Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel To Kill A Mockingbird was set in a small town that still Southern town based on Monroeville. Many of Capote's short stories and novels were drawn from his Monroeville experiences. Visitors from around the world come to the town that still remembers when Truman rented the town's only taxi for the weekend and drove around for days “visiting”. Townsfolk like to talk about the time Gregory Peck came to town to meet the many of the people who were inspirations for the characters in To Kill a Mockingbird. As other writers from Monroeville emerge, such as Mark Childress and Cynthia Tucker, one wonders how many more stories the town holds, as well as what is so special about a small, rural southwestern Alabama town call Monroeville.

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