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New Zion Baptist Church
Bethlehem Baptist Church
Calvary Baptist Church
Central Baptist Church
Community Baptist Church
Congregational Christian Church
Ephesus Primitive Baptist Church
Evergreen Baptist Church
Fairfax Baptist Church
Fairfax Church of God
Fairfax Church of Nazarene
Fairfax Congregational Holiness Church
Fairfax Methodist Church
Fairview Baptist Church
Fairview Church of the Nazarene
Faith Baptist Church
Faith Boulevard Church
Faith Church
First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church of Valley
First Christian Church
First Christian Church
Friendship Church
Friendship Church
Glass Church
Grace Baptist Church
Greenwood Baptist Church
Greenwood Church
Halls Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Happy Valley Baptist Church
Harrington Heights Church
Hopewell United Methodist Church
Huguley Congregational Christian Church
Huguley Methodist Church
Johnson Chapel Baptist Church
Johnson Memorial Methodist Church
Kingdom Hall of Jehovahs Witnesses
Langdale Church of the Nazarene
Langdale United Methodist Church
Midway Baptist Church
Mount Hebron Baptist Church
Mount Pleasant Spiritual Church
Osanippa Church
Plant City Baptist Church
Plant City Methodist Church
Rehobeth Baptist Church
River View Baptist Church
Saint James Baptist Church
Saint Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church
Saint Stephens Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Shawmut Christian Church
Shawmut Church of the Nazarene
Shawmut Holiness Church
Shawmut United Methodist Church
Sunset Heights Baptist Church
Three Pines Baptist Church
Todd Congregational Christian Church
Triumph Holiness Church
Valley Baptist Temple
Victory Baptist Church
West End Baptist Church
Zion Rest Baptist Church

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There is more than one place called Valley or The Valley. You may be looking for:


  • The Valley — the capital and largest city of the British territory of Anguilla

United Kingdom

  • Valley, a village in Anglesey, North Wales
  • The Valleys, or the South Wales Valleys, a region in Glamorgan, South Wales

United States of America

  • The San Fernando Valley, part of the Los Angeles metropolitan area in Southern California
  • Silicon Valley, a region in the southern part of California's San Francisco Bay Area famous for its prominence in the computer industry
  • The Valley (Buffalo, New York) — a neighborhood in Buffalo, New York

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