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Cuchumatanes - dream vacation

Sector Brasilia, Zona 7, Apto. No. 46 - HuehuetenangoHuehuetenango

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Huehuetenango (often shortened to Huehue)is a city in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. The last big city in Guatemala before you reach the Mexican border, or the first major settlement when arriving from. Not many tourists stay over, but it is a great city to stock up on supplies, Quetzales and other city needs.


Huehuetenango has a predominantly Ladino population, with many colourful Maya villages around it.

Get in

By bus

The 1 Central Bus station (La Terminal) is located 2.5km southwest of downtown in Zona 4 along 6a Avenida. From here a number of companies operate chicken buses, mini-buses and/or vans (colectivos) to ply the same routes to various places in the Central and Western Highlands such as: Cuatro Caminos (every 15 min, 1:30 hr, Q20); La Mesilla (Mexican border) (every 15 min, 2hr30, Q20 by Transportes Los Verdes); Quetzaltenango (Xela)(every 30 min, 3 hrs Q20); Todos Santos Cuchumatán (every 30 min, 2 hrs Q20); Soloma (every 30 min, 2 hrs Q25); Gracias a Dios (Mexican border) (every 30 min, 5 hrs Q50); Coban (7 hrs, Q40); Barillas (6 hrs, Q50); Sacapulas (2 hrs, Q20); and Santa Cruz del Quiché (2 hrs, Q20). Note that information is not posted in any coherent fashion and it is best to inquire locally around the bus station or in the adjacent market. Local city buses (Rt 11 Terminal-Centro-Calvario) into town are a block or two east at 2 Estacion de Ruta 11 while the taxi stand is on the other side of the market building, east of the bus station lot.

From Guatemala City, Antigua, Panajachel: If going to Antigua take the bus going towards Guatemala City and get off at Chimaltenango to transfer to another bus going to Antigua and Esquintla. To get to Panajachel get off at Los Encuentros and take another bus going downhill (south).

  • Linea Dorada, (office) 8a Calle 8-70 Zona 1, Colonia Santa Eliza, Calzada Kaibil Balam, ☏ +502 7764-5775, +502 7768-1566. Direct first class/pullman bus towards La Mesilla (Car Wash a 100 Metros de la Vueltamina, Carretera a Huehuetenango) in one direction and to Guatemala City in the other (16 Calle 10-03 Zona 1), 5-6hrs to Guatemala City. Passengers transfer in Guatemala City to continue north towards Santa Elena near Tikal. (updated Jan 2018)
  • 3 Transportes Los Halcones, 10 Av 9-12, Zona 1, ☏ +502 7765-7985, +502 2439 4911. Direct first class/pullman bus towards La Mesilla (Km 330 Aldea Valparaiso, La Democracia) in one direction and to Guatemala City in the other (Calzada Roosevelt 37-47, Zona 11), 5-6hrs to Guatemala City (updated Jan 2018)
  • 4 Transportes Valesquez y Zacaleu Futura, (office) 6a Calle 9-48, Zona 1, ☏ +502 7764-2145, +502 2473-5081. Second class pullman bus/coach towards Guatemala City (Calzada Roosevelt 9-34, Zona 7), 5-6hrs to Guatemala City from the Central Bus Terminal SW of town. Multiple stops along the road in older Marcopolo and Mercedes coaches. (updated Jan 2018)

To Coban and Barilla via Soloma and San Mateo Ixtatán: There's another stop at a gas station in El Calvario on the corner 1a calle and 1a avenida, four blocks northeast of El Parque Central

By car

Get around

The city center is small enough to get around on foot, but you can catch a local colectivo downtown to get to the bus terminal 2 km out of town.


  • Zaculeu. Maya ruins restored by the United Fruit Company in the 1940s. This was the fortress-capital of the Mam Maya, besieged by the Spanish for months in 1525. There are food stalls outside selling chorizos, tortillas, and beef etc. (updated Feb 2016)
  • Chiantla. This little town on the northern outskirts of the city was the base for Spanish silver mining in the region. The church is a famous pilgrimage destination, due to its image of the Virgin Mary, known locally as the Virgen de Plata (Silver Virgin). (updated Feb 2016)



The city is a great place to stock up on supplies in the pharmacies, and there are lots of banks. Banco International, next to Hotel Mary (doesn't have an ATM, but does change dollars). It has more offices over town, some of which have an ATM. Furthermore there are lots of 5B ATMs.


There are lots of local eateries with deep fried food or tacos (3 for Q10) which won't hurt your wallet too much around the park.

Restaurante Las Palmeras, local and comfort food (hamburgers), good prices and a great view over the main square at sunset. Cafe Museo (mon-sat 7am-10pm, sun 2-9pm), great hangout spot with great coffees, chocolate and a wide menu on food. They offer WiFi too, which in this town is a big plus.

Near the bus terminal is a market with food and a supermarket (Despensa Familiar), further up towards the Interamericana you can find a big shopping centre named Pradera Huehuetenango, with a McDonalds, Pollo Campero and a Maxi Bodega supermarket.



Near the bus terminals:

  • 1 Hotel del Prado, Calzada Kaibil Balam, Zona 5, Canton San Jose (Along Calzada Kaibil Balam, the road going into and out of town from main highway.), ☏ +502 7764-9251. (updated Jan 2018)
  • 2 Hotel California, 3ra. Ave 4-25, Colonia Alvarado, Zona 5. (updated Jan 2018)


  • 3 Hotel Royal Park, 6a Ave 1 (A block west of Parque Central. Along 6a Ave between 3a & 2a Calles.), ☏ +502 7762-7775. Luxury hotel in the downtown area with onsite parking. (updated Jan 2018)
  • El Marquesote, 8a Calle A 10-57, ☏ +502 3787 6981. Hostel with breakfast. 


There are some internet cafes around town.

Go next

Next attractions could be hiking around Quetzaltenango (Xela) or travelling towards Mexico though La Mesilla.

  • Todos Santos Cuchumatán is a possible day trip, but better to stay overnight.
  • There are unrestored Maya ruins at San Mateo Ixtatán, direct buses from Huehuetenango but best to break the journey and spend the night in San Pedro Soloma.
  • Aguacatán and onwards to Sacapulas

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