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Villa Tunari

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Km. 156 Carretera CochabambaVilla Tunari

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Villa Tunari or Tunari is a location in the department of Cochabamba, Bolivia. It is the seat of the Villa Tunari Municipality, the third municipal section of the Chapare Province. According to the census 2012 the population was 3,213 in the town which is an increment from 2,510 registered during the 2001 census.

Villa Tunari has several parks located nearby including Parque Machía and Carrasco National Park. Parque Machía is home to one of three wildlife centers maintained by Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi and supported by international volunteers. Villa Tunari is famous among tourists due to the tropical weather and due to nearby national parks. Recently the town gained important infrastructure due to the tourist industry and because a new paper industry seated near to the town.

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