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Soltvadkert is a town in Bács-Kiskun County in the Southern Great Plain of Hungary. Soltvadkert is one of Hungary's most visited towns.


Soltvadkert is the center of one of the biggest wine regions in Hungary. There are grapes on over 8,000 ha in the area. Soltvadkert is home to a variety of grapes. The town annually produces about 250-300,000 hl of wine.


The town has been called Soltvadkert since 1900. Before that, it was called Vadkert, which is a reference to the region's active wildlife in Hungary. It was founded in 1376. While Hungary was occupied by the Turkish army, Soltvadkert lost much of its population. In the beginning of the 1740s, Baron Orczy moved German settlers to Soltvadkert. The town has quickly developed its main center of tourism in the county.

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  • Holy Crown Confectionery (Szent Korona Cukrászda): The famous Hungarian confectionery was functions as a confectionery museum and a literacy themed coffeeshop. The customers can enjoy their delicious ice creams and cakes in a breathtaking royal environment. The family business won the "confectionery of the year" title in 2005
  • 1 Kiskőrös (Slovakian: Malý Kereš, Croatian: Kireš, Kereša) (N 15 km of Kiskunhalas). Sandor Petofi memorial museum and birthplace. Visit the Kiskőrös Spas and Open Air Bath (Kiskőrös város Gyógy- és Strandfürdő). 


  • 1 Lake Vadkert (Vadkerti-tó also called "Stinky Lake" (Büdös-tó)) (N 20 km of Kiskunhalas). One of the most popular tourist destinations in Hungary since it had similar features to Lake Balaton, but cheaper prices and no overcrowding. Clean water and great beaches. One side of the 70-ha lake is used for fishing, the other is for swimming. There are bungalows all around the lake and a dozen restaurants. There are a couple of camping places mostly used by young people. The lakeshore covered with reed is popular among the fishers. They can catch fishes from a lot of different breeds such as eel, amur, carp, bream, pike, perch, bass, tench. You can rent paddle boat or try out the trampoline. There is a soccer field and a huge water chute. Along the lakeside there is a beautiful promenade. For runners there is a track next to the lake. In winter, the surface of the water freezes over in winter, so the visitors can use the lake as a skating rink for free. 
  • Wine and Gastroday: A competition of grilled and disk cooked dishes, and performance of local dancers and musicians. There is a fair of handmade products as well. The highlight of the event is the "public clink", where all of the visitors raise their glasses –provided by the town-hall – together.
  • Beerfestival: The festival takes place in July, next to Lake Vadkerti. The event offers exciting programs not only for adults, but for children as well, so the whole family can spend an amazing weekend by the lake.
  • Wine harvest festival: It is the biggest harvest festival of the region, which is supported by the town’s local government. This festival has a huge traditional background. You can find a range of wine from the region and handmade products there. You can also learn about the traditions of growing wine grapes. The end of the festival is the traditional wine harvest parade.



The city center has numerous specialty shops and restaurants offering fine food.


The biggest wine region of Hungary, called Kunsági Borvidék, is home the two excellent winery of Soltvadkert. The Frittman Winery and the Font Winery have won several awards, in Hungary and abroad (VinAgora, Sommelie Wine Awards, Cannes Rose Festival). The wineries have modern technologies and aesthetic tasting rooms. The wine community in Soltvadkert is the biggest wine community in Hungary.

Bács-Kiskun County is the home of sweet fruits and the excellent distillates made of them. The knowledge and the traditions passing through generations make pálinka, our national spirit a true hungaricum. In Soltvadkert, the Schiszler Pálinka and Szekeres Pálinka put emphasis on making high-quality products. The Schiszler Pálinka has become part of the National Pálinkas of Excellence Program. The Szekeres Pálinka started its activities in 1992, ever since then they produce their pálinka in a traditional way.



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