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Storuman (South Sámi: Luspie, Ume Sámi: Lusspie) is a town in Västerbotten County, in southern Swedish Lapland, in the municipality with the same name.


Storuman was a small village, Luspen, until the inland railroad (Inlandsbanan) was built about 1924 and it became a station and later a junction. At that point it got its current name from the lake Storuman. It now has some 2000 inhabitants (some 6000 in all the municipality).

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Storuman is at the Inlandsbanan railway and also on E45 and on the "Blue Highway" between Pudozh and Petrozavodsk in Russia and Mo i Rana in Norway, via Kuopio, Vaasa and Umeå (from Vaasa coinciding with E12 from Helsinki). The Blue Highway is marketed to tourists, and gets its name from the many lakes and rivers it follows. The nearest airports are located near VilhelminaHemavanLycksele and Umeå.

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  • Old Railway Hotel. Nowadays it is a library, but you can still see the old hotel's influence. 
  • Utsikten Tower. From the top of the tallest tower in Storuman you can see the whole of the surrounding area. 
  • Wildeman. The town mascot, a fiberglass statue. 


  • Vindelfjällen fells. with a 5,500 km2 (2,100 sq mi) nature reserve, on the border to Sorsele. There are visitor centres ("naturum") in Hemavan and in Amarnäs, Sorsele


  • Folkrace Rally. August. 15-km Folkrace Rally between the towns of Forsvik and Storuman. 
  • Storumandagarna. Last weekend of June. Street market 






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  • Hemavan is some 150 km farther west along E12. Together with Tärnaby it forms the biggest ski resort in Sweden. It is located by the Vindelfjällen fell vegetation area, the largest nature reserve in Sweden, has a botanic garden, and is the southern trailhead of the Kungsleden hiking trail.

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