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Szarvas (German: Sarwasch, Slovak: Sarvaš; IPA: [sarvaʃ]) is a town in Békés County, Hungary.

Matra Mountains (Hungary) 1:30,000 Hiking Map

Szarvas Hungary

Matra Mountains (Hungary) 1:30,000 Hiking Map by SZARVAS

A contoured hiking and recreational map of the Matra Mountains in Hungary at an excellent scale 1:30,000 (1 inch = 0.47 mile).

The map has contours at 10m intervals with relief shading and spot heights, plus colouring and / or graphics to indicate different types of vegetation. An overprint highlights local hiking paths, with cycling routes also included. Symbols mark various places of interest, sport and recreational facilities, including campsites and other tourist accommodation, locations of petrol stations, etc.

The map shows geographic coordinates at 1' intervals. Map legend is in Hungarian, English and German. Touring information on reverse is in Hungarian only.

Hungary (Magyarorszag)


Hungary 1:350,000 Pocket Atlas, spiral DIMAP, 2012 edition

This handy size (18 x 12 cm / 7 x 4.5 in) and spiral-bound atlas of Hungary shows the whole country at 1:350 000. Added are 5 pages of street plan of central Budapest at scale 1:19,000, plus an overview map of Budapest's environs with major access roads and bridges across the Danube highlighted.

Road classification has six different classes of roads, plus unpaved and farm tracks. The maps show toll roads, sections closed to motorized traffic, locations of fuel supplies and other roadside services, and driving distances on most local roads. Railway lines are shown with stations and stops; narrow gauge lines are included. On Lake Balaton, ports and ferry routes are marked. Official border crossings are marked in those sections of the border where they exist. A list of the border crossings, with their service hours and other information, is included.

Map symbols indicate various places of interest (castles and churches, folk museums, spas, swimming pools, campsites and youth hostels, etc.), including national parks and protected areas. The map has geographical coordinates in 10' intervals. Extensive index lists all the localities with their postcodes. The atlas also includes an enlargement for the environs of Budapest; this map includes the Ferihegy international airport and Hungaroring.

The map legend is in 10 languages including English, 144 pages. Authentic, fully reliable Hungarian cartography.

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