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Fenyves Hotel
Fenyves Hotel - dream vacation

Mészáros Lázár u. 2-8Balatonfenyves

Munkacsy Apartmanok
Munkacsy Apartmanok - dream vacation

Munkacsy utca 13Balatonfenyves

Moricz Villa
Moricz Villa - dream vacation

Aranyosi utca 8Balatonfenyves

Balatoni City Hotel
Balatoni City Hotel - dream vacation

Kölcsey F. út. 7Balatonfenyves

Bungalow Park
Bungalow Park - dream vacation

Bakai Arpad u. 29Balatonfenyves

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Balatonfenyves is a village at Lake Balaton in Somogy county, Hungary. The name comes from the lake and the Hungarian word for pine tree: fenyves. Formerly part of Fonyód, the village was granted independence as a result of a referendum held on 12 May 1991.

The area between the railroad and lake is a holiday destination that attracts mainly families staying in holiday houses. The summer weekends can be busy as people come for the day by train or car.

The pedestrian Vachott Sándor street has the shops and is the main link between the station and the beach. The train station is a stop on the Székesfehérvár-Gyékényes line and has a smaller side station from which a (touristic) Balatonfenyves narrow-gauge railway can be taken land inward connecting the Imremajor and Pálmajor outskirts of the village.

The beach, the longest on the lake (about 1.8 km (1.12 mi)) and freely accessible, is a grass area with many lángos and gyros fast-food stands.

Balatonfenyves is home to the Fenyves Yacht Club in the western part of the village.

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