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Omsk Oblast


Nefrologicheskoye Otdeleniye Gorodskoy Detskoy Bol’nitsy Nomer Tri
Klinika Doktora Yakovleva
Stomatologicheskaya Poliklinika Dentis
Gorodskaya Stomatologicheskaya Poliklinika Nomer Dvadstat’
Poliklinika Mediko-sanitarnoy Chasti Nomer Sem’
Detskaya Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Odin
Poliklinika Gorodskoy Bol’nitsy Nomer Tri Nomer Odin
Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Odinnadtsat’
Poliklinika Detskoy Gorodskoy Bol’nitsy Nomer Tri Nomer Dva
Klinika Omskoy Gosudarstvennoy Meditsinskoy Akademii
Tsentral’naya Poliklinika Omskogo Rayona
Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Chetyre
Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Shest’
Konsul’tativnaya Poliklinika Omskoy Oblastnoy Klinicheskoy Bol’nitsy
Poliklinika Nomer Sem’
Poliklinika Detskoy Gorodskoy Bol’nitsy Nomer Chetyre Nomer Dva
Poliklinika Detskoy Gorodskoy Bol’nitsy Nomer Chetyre Nomer Odin
Detskaya Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Dva
Gorodskaya Stomatologicheskaya Poliklinika Lyuksdent
Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Chetyrnadtsat’
Gorodskaya Klinicheskaya Stomatologicheskaya Poliklinika Nomer Odin
Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Trinadtsat’
Poliklinika Detskoy Klinicheskoy Bol’nitsy Nomer Dva
Klinika Meditsinskoy Stomatologii Elita
Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Vosem’
Gorodskaya Ginekologicheskaya Poliklinika Nomer Vosem’
Poliklinika Gorodskoy Klinicheskoy Bol’nitsy Nomer Odinnadtsat’
Tsentr Kosmetologicheskoy Stomatologii Professora V.G. Bokoy
Oblastnaya Stomatologicheskaya Poliklinika
Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Odin
Poliklinika Stomatologii I Kosmetologii Elita Plyus
Detskaya Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Vosem’
Stomatologicheskaya Klinika Lidiya
Stomatologicheskaya Poliklinika Kosmodent
Stomatologicheskaya Poliklinika Na Leningradskoy
Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Pyatnadtsat’
Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Dvenadtsat’
Oblastnoy Klinicheskiy Kozhno-venerologicheskiy Dispanser
Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Dva
Poliklinika Bol’nitsy Nomer Devyat’
Poliklinika Gorodskoy Bol’nitsy Nomer Semnadtsat’
Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Pyatnadtsat’
Detskaya Stomatologicheskaya Poliklinika Nomer Odin
Stomatologicheskaya Klinika KAV
Filial Detskoy Gorodskoy Polikliniki Nomer Shest’
Poliklinika Gorodskoy Bol’nitsy Nomer Dva
Detskaya Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Pyat’
Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Sem’
Detskaya Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Sem’
Detskaya Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Chetyre
Vrachebno-kosmetologicheskaya Lechebnitsa
Detskaya Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Shest’
Gorodskaya Stomatologicheskaya Poliklinika Nomer Tri
Gorodskaya Poliklinika Nomer Devyat’
Poliklinika Medsanchasti Nomer Chetyre Nomer Dva

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Omsk Oblast (Russian: О́мская о́бласть OHM-skuh-yuh OH-blust') is a region in Western Siberia, which borders Tyumen Oblast to the northwest, Tomsk Oblast to the northeast, Novosibirsk Oblast to the east, and Kazakhstan to the south.


  • Omsk — One of Siberia's most important cities and one of Russia's largest, an excellent stop on the Trans-Siberian Railway
  • 2 Tara — one of Siberia's first cities in the 16th century and the "mother" to many of Siberia's most important cities as it was an expeditionary base; it is a sleepy town home to a number of historical churches
  • 3 Bolsherechye — a historic old Siberian fortress town (1627), which contains a huge zoo; its hippopotamuses made the news by turning up in a nearby lake and giving a couple drunk fishermen a real scare!

Other destinations

  • 1 Chernoluchye/Krasnoyarka recreation area
  • 2 Tevriz



Expect that some knowledge of Russian will greatly assist you in your travels here.

Get in

Omsk is a major stop (and indeed, one of the best stops) on the Trans-Siberian Railway. This capital city is also the "terminus" for the Trans-Siberian Railway's South Ural branch.

Omsk Tsentralny Airport (OMS IATA), serviced by flights from Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, and Andijan, Uzbekistan.

Get around


  • 1 Achair Convent. A beautiful convent outside Omsk, which was used as a gulag in the 1930s, where over 100,000 perished from malnutrition and the cold


  • Cruising, whitewater rafting, and canoeing along the Irtysh, Tara, and Shish rivers
  • Hunting



Stay safe

Go next

The next major stops on the Trans-Siberian Railway are Tyumen to the west and Novosibirsk to the east. The first major stop to the west along the South Ural Branch of the Trans-Siberian Railway is Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan.

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