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Axim is a coastal town in the Ghanaian Coastal Plain.


Axim was a settlement that grew around the Portuguese Fort Santo Antonio dating to 1515, as well as the site of the making of the Akim Treaty between the Dutch and surrounding tribes after the Dutch took over in 1642 (which in 1872 would give way to the British). Today, it's a bustling town of over 25,000 with a local fishing fleet and some tourism related to the fort and beaches.

Get in

It's about 60 km west of Takoradi on N1.

Get around

While the community is small enough to be walkable, you'll probably want transportation of some sort to go to the fort and beaches, etc.


  • 1 Fort Saint Antonio. The Portuguese fort circa 1515, on a precipice of rock overlooking the sea. It was an important point of control for both Portuguese and Dutch, who tried to extract gold and, in the case of the Dutch, produce cotton in the area. The Dutch installed a commandant here who was on the same level as those from Accra or Ouidah (present day Benin) on the Dutch Slave Coast. (updated Aug 2020)


There are pretty beaches and islets here and there around Axim, just try not to be where the effluent or debris is coming out of the tenement below the fort.





Axim has this dichotomy of looking like a rave beach resort area versus a real humdinger of destitution, depending on whether you are near the fort or a bit removed from there.

  • 1 Lou Moon Resort - Eco Luxury, Lou Moon Lodge Agyan via, Axim, Ghana (on coast a few km east of town), ☏ +233 264241549. With infinity pools and hot tubs on its own private cove where terraces look over the sea, it really speaks of class and ambience. (updated Aug 2020)
  • 2 Axim Beach Hotel, ☏ +233 312092397. another maybe slightly less exuberant beach resort with pool, spa, beach access, bar/restaurant, wifi. (updated Aug 2020)

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