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Lysekil is a city in the coastal province of Bohuslän.


Lysekil started as a small fishing village and evolved during 19th century to include a well visited health spa. At 1903 Lysekil became a city with all its privileges.

Get in

By car

There are two different routs in to Lysekil: by road 162 or road 161 and the road ferry (No charge).

By boat

It is possible to arrive by boat with a bicycle from Skaftö with the boat Carl Wilhelmsson operated by Västtrafik.

By bus

There is a lot of buses arriving to Lysekil all operated by Västtrafik. The express bus from Gothenburg has the number 841 taking about 2 hours.

Get around

A part of the town is one way streets and a big part have a speed limit of 30 km/h. So the best way to get around is by foot or bicycle due to the short distances. There is also a bus circulating the city operated by Västtrafik.



  • 1 Stångehuvud nature reserve (Stångehuvud naturreservat). Known for its red Bohus granite. (updated Nov 2020)






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