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Anna Villa
Anna Villa - dream vacation

Jozsef Attila u.39Vonyarcvashegy

Jager Panzio
Jager Panzio - dream vacation

Rákóczi Ferenc utca 12.Vonyarcvashegy

Mantra House
Mantra House - dream vacation

Kossuth Lajos Street 19Vonyarcvashegy

Laura-haus - dream vacation

Beke utca 18Vonyarcvashegy

Zanati Villa
Zanati Villa - dream vacation

Iskola utca 11.Vonyarcvashegy

Eldorado Fogado
Eldorado Fogado - dream vacation

Fürdő utca 2.Vonyarcvashegy

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Vonyarcvashegy (Hungarian pronunciation: [ˈvoɲɒrt͡svɒʃhɛɟ]) is a town and tourist resort on the north shore of Lake Balaton, in western Hungary. The settlement was created when the former Vonyarc and Vashegy settlements were united in 1850. At that time, the inhabitants dealt primarily with viticulture and fishing. The later cultivated local bathing life was based upon the activity of a bathing association founded in 1930.

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