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Taksony (German: Tax) is a town of roughly 6,000 inhabitants in Pest County. Taksony is known for its many natural springs and tranquil scenery and serves as a haven for fishermen, boaters and summer vacationers.


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It is roughly 20 km south of Budapest, on the bank of the Ráckeve branch of the Danube known as Kisduna (Little Danube).

The most important road access route, the main road 510, runs along the center of the town, roughly north-south. The main road 51 also passes through its southeastern border, but it almost completely avoids populated areas.

The Budapest – Kunszentmiklós-Tass – Kelebia railway line has a stop here. Taksony railway station is on the south-eastern edge of the settlement, accessed by side road 552 301.

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  • First World War Veterans Memorial was built in 1937. This was inaugurated on the south side of the church hill (Hu: Első világháborús emlékmű. Loc: Hősök tere).
  • Gábor Bellusi Baross Memorial, he was an outstanding economic and transport politician in the dualistic era. He was called the "Railway Minister" because his effective developing of the railway progress. The monument was built in 1998. (Hu: Bellusi Baross Gábor emlékműve. Loc: Baross tér).
  • The bandstand is located under the 'Gongorda' which is made of 18 gongs. There plays music on weekdays at 15:30, weekends and holidays at 11:00 and 15:30. (Hu:Zenepavilon gongsorral. Loc: Fő tér).
  • Bronze bust of Albert Wass, which was made in 2008. It was created to symbolize the resettled Transylvanian Hungarians unity. (Hu: Wass Albert bronz mellszobra. Loc: Szent Anna tér).
  • Bronze bust of Taksony General, who was a leader of a Hungarian tribe in Conquest era. The bust was made in 1976 near the 1000th anniversary after general’s death. (Hu:Taksony vezér bronz mellszobra, Loc: Fő út.).
  • The bust of Archbishop Jozsef Mindszenty was uncovered in 2009. (Hu: Mindszenty József hercegprímás mellszobra. Loc: Fő tér. Front of the St. Anne church.) St Stephen's bust. (Hu: Szent István király mellszobra.Loc: Szent István park.)
  • The main street of the village, which include several restored traditional farmhouse and the country house is closed by the new park.
  • German Minority House, a Folk Art Monument preserve the ancestor’s memories and represent valuable traditions of Taksony. The main objective is cultivate the Swabian traditions, and keeping alive the memory. (Hu: Német Nemzetiségi Tájház. Loc: Dózsa György utca 52., Tel: +36 24 487046).
  • St. Anne's Church was built between 1804-1811, destroyed by the Second World War and the 1956 earthquake, and a new church was built as a circle dome church in 1958, in Modern style. In Europe, there are only three temples where is a larger diameter oval dome without stand. (Hu: Szent Anna római katolikus templom és templomkert. Loc: Fő tér. Tel: +36 24 518990, F: +36 24 518990, langandras46@freemail.hu).
  • In 1992, the Chapel was built, in 2010 they were complete the renovation of an old farmhouse and built a parish. (Hu: Református Imaház.Loc: Virág utca 6. Tel: +36 24 490389, http://www.taksony.reformatus.hu taksony.ref@gmail.com).


  • Eurovelo bike path 2 km section is here.
  • Taksony island, and Taksony Nature Trail Nature Protected Area: This is a water area where are variety of protected animal and plant species found. The trail is starting from the small bridge of the island and going on at the bank of the dredged backwater until the Dunaharaszti border. which introduce the visitors to wildlife and natural backwaters beauty. (Hu: Taksony Sziget és holtág és Taksonyi tanösvény. Loc: Sziget (Island), between the Ráckevei (Soroksári) Danube river in the left side, northwestern part of Taksony municipality area. T: +36 24 520777).





  • Fitness Sziget Youth Hostel, Sziget sétány 5. open Apr-Oct. twelve rooms, four bed dorms. Fitness and kayak camps. Ft2500 p.p.. 


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