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Gyal may refer to:

  • Gyál, Hungary
  • Gal, Azerbaijan
  • Gyal, Iran

Memoirs of a Brown-Skin Gyal: A Collection of Short Stories

Sandra Crough

This story is of a brown-skin girl born in Honduras into a difficult family situation and raised by her grandmother in British Honduras, now Belize. The author tells of her youth, filled with travel in Central America, and of a voyage to the United States at age nine on a banana boat. Throughout the memoir, the author returns to the philosophical differences between the people of Central America and those of the United States. The eventful history of the author’s extended family is interwoven into these events. In her late teens, she escapes marriage to an Anglican priest by leaving for the United Kingdom to study nursing. This book relates several stories at once. It is a travelogue that touches on the history of different countries. It is a social commentary. And it is a family history. The story concludes with her arrival in the United States.

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