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Bright Bravo Hotel
Bright Bravo Hotel - dream vacation

No 250 Colombo Road KurunegalaKurunegala

White House Family Stay
White House Family Stay - dream vacation

Green Village Welagane Maspotha KurunegaleKurunegala

Cocoworld Bungalow
Cocoworld Bungalow - dream vacation

Ranawiru Siri Nandana Mawatha , Hammaliya, Bandara Koswatta.Kurunegala

Cadjan Earth Hotel
Cadjan Earth Hotel - dream vacation

Mudalakkulama AnamaduwaKurunegala

Mangala Lodge
Mangala Lodge - dream vacation

No 12 Sama Mawatha Wilgoda RoadKurunegala

Hotel Sylvan Regency
Hotel Sylvan Regency - dream vacation


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Kurunegala is a city in the Wayamba Province of Sri Lanka.

Get in

By train

To the central station Colombo-Fort prices (Rs.) 1st class 300.00, 2nd class 160.00, 3rd class 85.00. Daily between 1:50AM to 5:36PM, twelve times, one and half hours. To Anuradhapura prices (Rs.) 1st class 320.00, 2nd class 170.00, 3rd class 95.00. Daily between 11:59AM to 10:26PM, six times, two or two and half hours.

Get around

  • The local "Three-Wheelers" (Tuk-Tuk) are an amazingly cheap and exciting way of seeing the city, and they run well into the night. Negotiate the fee with the driver before you hop in as they do not have meters. A general rule of thumb is USD1 per kilometre.
  • Walking is also recommended as the centre is not that large.


  • Algama Kanda Ancient Cave Temple (අල්ගම කන්ද පුරාණ ලෙන් විහාරය), Kande Temple Rd (25 km SW of Kurunegala in the village of Algama). 
  • 1 Bathalagoda Tank (Bathalagoda Wewa), Ibbagamuwa Central College (13 km east of Kurunegala, at a serene and tranquil site in the village known as Batalagoda). built in pre Christian times for the water supply of an ancient city which for many centuries has been merely referred to as ‘Parana Nuwara’ since its original name was never known. 
  • Central Market (At the centre). 
  • Elephant Rock (Etha-gala). Isolated beach that can be reached in about 15 minutes through tuk-tuks. (updated Mar 2017)
  • Ibbagala Raja Maha Viharaya (ඉබ්බාගල රජමහා විහාරය) (Ibba-gala (Tortoise Rock), halfway on to the buddha statue on the top of Ethagala Rock (Eastern part of the Town). 
  • Kurunegala clock tower (At the centre of the city.). Built in 1922. 
  • The Kurunegala Lake (outskirts of the town near to the Kurunegala-Dambulla road.). A large man-made water reservoir constructed by ancient kings. It is also used as a water supply source to the city 
  • The Kurunegala Jumma Masjid. 
  • Ras Vehera (Sesuruwa) Temple and Buddha Statue (රැස්වෙහෙර සස්සේරුව විහාර සංකීර්ණය), Reswehera Rd (on the Madagalla Road 65 km, North). 



  • Laksal - Janakala kendraya, Kandy Rd
  • Seylin Handlooms - Colombo Rd, Vanduragala, Kurunegala




  • Bright Bravo Hotel, 3rd Level, Municipal Shopping Complex, ☏ +94 37 2229099, +94 37 2220088, ✉ brightbravo@deshakthee.com. All rooms are air-conditioned and has satellite TV, inland and IDD telephone facilities. 
  • Diya Dahara Hotel, 7 North Lake Rd, ☏ +94 37 2223452, +94 37 5266662, ✉ diyadahara@sltnet.lk. Overlooking Kurunegala Lake. 
  • Hotel Kandyan Reach, 344-350, Kandy Rd (in Kandy-Kurunegala Highway), ☏ +94 37 2224218, +94 37 2224466, +94 37 2224540-3, ✉ athgiri@eol.lk. Three star hotel. Also offering wedding and conference hosting facilities. 
  • Saruketha, 2nd Mile Post, Dambulla Rd (in the outskirts of the city), ☏ +94 37 4690667. An eco-friendly place. 
  • Hotel Senasuma, Colombo Rd, ☏ +94 37 2221396. 
  • Hotel Situ Medura, Mihindu Mawatha. 
  • 1 Kandyan Reach Hotel, 344-350 Katugastota-Kurunegala-Puttalam Hwy, ☏ +94 372 224 218. A full-service hotel with a restaurant/bar/buffet, outdoor pool, balcony rooms, and a/c. Rs 9492. (updated Jan 2021)
  • 2 Hotel Kamrel, Route B247, ☏ +94 76 200 3005. This sleek glassy edifice stands out from the backdrop of outer Kurunegala and has a good restaurant and hot showers. Rs 8376. (updated Jan 2021)
  • 3 Windsor Residence, 667 A 1st Lane, Polamndala Road. This homestay/B&B type of place is quite opulent and is a good place for someone seeking refinement in overnight lodging. Rs 9306. (updated Jan 2021)

Go next

  • Kandy is 42 km from Kurunegala. The journey takes about 40 minutes by car along the Kurunegala-Kandy highway. Public/private buses to Kandy operate from the Kurunegala Central Bus Stand located in the middle of the city.
  • Dambulla is reachable within an hour by car from Kurunegala, 52km away. Public and private buses also ply this route.

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