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Puerto Francisco de Orellana

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Hotel El Auca
Hotel El Auca - dream vacation

Calle Napo 30-01 Rocafuerte y GarcAa MorenoPuerto Francisco de Orellana

Hotel Coca Imperial
Hotel Coca Imperial - dream vacation

Calle Quito 56-10 y Calle GuayaquilPuerto Francisco de Orellana

Yarina Eco Lodge
Yarina Eco Lodge - dream vacation

Orellana - YasuniPuerto Francisco de Orellana

Manatee Amazon Explorer
Manatee Amazon Explorer - dream vacation

Parque Nacional YasuniPuerto Francisco de Orellana

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Puerto Francisco de Orellana (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈpweɾto fɾanˈsisko ðe oɾeˈʝana]), also known as El Coca (pronounced [el ˈkoka]), is the capital of province of Orellana in eastern Ecuador. The city is located in the Amazon Rainforest at the confluence of the Coca River and the Napo River (the smaller Payamino River also merges into the Napo in the city). It has a population of 45,163 inhabitants as of 2010. It is visited by tourists going into the Amazonian forest and is served by the Francisco de Orellana Airport.

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