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Villa Serenity Weligama
Villa Serenity Weligama - dream vacation

No 71 Dankalapuwatta Kapparatota KoggalaWeligama

Bandara House
Bandara House - dream vacation

No 90 Central Park Wakada Midigama AhangamaWeligama

Calm Villa
Calm Villa - dream vacation

Ranaviru Road ResthouseWeligama

Asanka Surf House
Asanka Surf House - dream vacation

Galle Road, Midigama, Srilanka Weligama

Bay Reach Home Stay
Bay Reach Home Stay - dream vacation

S/N Matara Road,Uswatta, Pelena,WaligamaWeligama

Palm Hill
Palm Hill - dream vacation

No.192, Kapparatota Road, WeligamaWeligama

Colonial House
Colonial House - dream vacation

133 Main Street Weligama Weligama Ciity Sri LankaWeligama

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Weligama is a city in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka.


Get in

Weligama is 16 km from Matara, 27 km from Galle, 136 km from Ratnapura and 146 km from Colombo.

By bus

Buses running around the coast pass along the Colombo to Matara Road every 20 minutes or more frequently, 24 hours per day.

By train

Under construction. There will be a stop on the Colombo to Matara line. See Colombo Fort Train Station departure times.

Get around

By tuk tuk

More expensive than buses but take you door to door. Rs 700 from Midigama to Galle (although the Tuk Tuk owners will start at Rs 1500 - R2000 before being bargained down to 700), Rs 150-200 to Weligama.

By bus

Cheap and easy way to get around the main features but is restricted to the main roads. They pass along the road every 10-20 minutes and are a good alternative for the budget traveler as the cost is only Rs 50 to Galle and Rs 40 to Matara.



Surf: Multiple surf breaks within walking distance along the coast. Lazy lefts – popular left hand reef break with easy take off and long walls great for mid range surfers. Ram's – A frame reef break with steep take off and hollow sections on both right and left, beware shallow reef. Renting a board costs Rs 400 per hour or Rs 1500 for a day (as of 2019). Surf lessons cost about 2500, but you might be able to get it for cheaper if you're a good haggler.

Beach: It is possible to swim and snorkel but do note there can be a lot of surfers in the water during high season, specially beginners. The current can be quite strong and unpredictable so swim with caution. Jungle Beach (about 3 km from Weligama centre towards Midigama) is a nice hidden beach where you often are alone. A tuktuk to here should cost you Rs 150.



Local guest houses provide good local foods and limited drink (beer and soft drink) for reasonable prices.



Kasuma's Lazy left guesthouse: located in the middle of Midigama beach. Lazy lefts offers cheap, clean and friendly accommodation catering for travelers keen to enjoy the surf and beautiful beach that runs directly in front of the guesthouse. Rs 700 per night includes private room with attached bathroom right on the beach. Has good food and drink available on site, surfboards for hire, internet access and friendly staff.

Raja's Guest Home: Located a minute from the beach and a 10-minute walk from the main surf spot, at the edge of Weligama centre. The owner Raja will do anything to help out his guests and he is famous in surfer circles throughout the world. He is also a great cook (which he isn't shy bragging about) and you can get an affordable meal here. Don't miss the Egg Hopper and Banana Pancake for breakfast! Rooms are very limited and often booked up during high season so make sure to book ahead, they're on Hostelworld. Singles are Rs 1000 and doubles Rs 1500 (Nov 2015).

  • 1 We Escape, No. 637, Matara Road, ☏ +94 041 4938520, ✉ info@mosvold.lk. The hotel features rooms and dorms that come with 44 bunk beds. The hotel also provides services like airport transfers, parking space, Free Wi-Fi and room service. (updated Aug 2017)


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