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Laudat is a small village in the interior of Dominica, nestled between 3 mountains: Morne Watt, Morne Micotrine (Morne Mackak), and Morne Trois Pitons. With a population of just above 300 persons, Laudat is referred to as a "gateway" because it is the sole entry point to many of the islands most spectacular sights, including the Boiling Lake, Fresh Water Lake, and Titou Gorge, among others. Perched about 1200 feet above sea level Laudat boasts a cool climate and spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea. It is located approximately 20 minutes from the capital, Roseau and is literally the end of the road (there is no alternative but to turn around to exit) The road to Laudat used to be a hair-raising ride up the mountains, around blind hairpin turns with sharp drop-offs into the jungle canopy; however, the road has been improved and may be completed by the time of this writing. Laudat has seen many changes over the past years, including the aerial tram taking visitors from the village up into the high mountains--making possible what was previously a daunting journey by foot, to even the least athletic visitors. Titou Gorge was also altered over the last decade and is now considerably smaller and more developed. It is still a great place to swim, and small waterfalls of hot and cold water stream into the gorge. There are some overnight accommodations available in the village. There are also a few small shops of the kind typically found throughout the Caribbean; rum, soft drinks and a few grocery and household items can be found. Laudat receives some of the highest rainfalls in the Caribbean, about 900 cm a year. The air is often misty and cool, and is a refreshing change from the blazing heat of the low areas.

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