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Tak\'alik Maya Lodge
Tak\'alik Maya Lodge - dream vacation

Km 190.5 Carretera al PacíficoRetalhuleu

Hotel La Quinta Retalhuleu
Hotel La Quinta Retalhuleu - dream vacation

5a Avenida y 5a Calle Zona 1Retalhuleu

Hotel Villa Hermosa Retalhuleu
Hotel Villa Hermosa Retalhuleu - dream vacation

Km. 178.5 Carretera a Quetzaltenango, Santa Cruz MuluaRetalhuleu

Hotel Astor Retalhuleu
Hotel Astor Retalhuleu - dream vacation

5ta calle 4-60 Zona 1Retalhuleu

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Retalhuleu (often shortened to Reu) is in the Pacific Lowlands of Guatemala.


Retalhuleu is the capital of the department of the same name, and is the main hub for travel in the area.

Get in

Buses from Quetzaltenango, Mazatenango and Coatepeque.

Get around


  • 1 Champerico (37 km southwest of Retalhuleu on hwy 95 (about 40 min driving)). Pacific beach. Direct bus from Retalhuleu. Dark sand beach. (updated Feb 2016)
  • 2 Takalik Abaj (north on REU-13). Ancient ruins with some interesting sculpture of the Olmec and Maya cultures. Take a microbus to El Asintal, and either find further transport there, or walk along the road to the ruins (about 2 miles/3 km). There is a site museum and small zoo. Museum is about 1 km south of the ruins. (updated Feb 2016)
  • 3 Tulate (whew, it's about 80 km south of Retalhuleu). Pacific beach. Take the bus from Retalhuleu to Mazatenango and get off at Cuyotenango junction - then take a bus from there to Tulate. Dark sand beach. (updated Feb 2016)
  • 4 El Chorro del Carmen, Zunilito (CITO-180 to SCH-01 thru Zunilito to falls), ☏ +502 42107370. tiered waterfall in rainforest type setting (updated Aug 2020)


  • 1 Xetulul Theme Park (on CITO-180 northeast of Retalhuleu), ☏ +502 78241200. 10-5 Th, 10-6 F, 10-8 S, 10-6 Su. Kind of a Mayan theme park, but with replicas of landmarks from other parts of the world as well, plus a slough of rollercoasters and rides. Across the road you'll find an elaborate water park called Xocomil (IRTRA Retalhuleu), then, if that's enough, a km or so from that is another theme park, this one more adventure/nature-oriented, called Parque De Aventura Xejuyup. It's a bit like Orlando, Florida around here. There are on-site rooms, cabins and restaurants. If staying overnight, it is much cheaper to leave the parks and eat in one of the restaurants along the highway. Buses between Retalhuleu and Quetzaltenango pass the entrances to the parks. (updated Aug 2020)
  • 2 Dino Park, Santa Cruz Mulua (northeast of Retalhuleu before you get to Xetulul), ☏ +502 58381111. 9AM-6PM daily. Another theme park, kind of trying to be like Jurassic Park, complete with auto tour, but minus the real dinosaurs. (updated Aug 2020)
  • 3 Finca Patrocinio, ☏ +502 59033603. Coffee farmstead with Santa Maria volcano in the background. You can take tours. (updated Aug 2020)

There is also a small pool resort near town called Costa Sur Turicentro.





  • 1 Takalik Maya Lodge (about 5-10km north of the ruins), ☏ +502 40559831. Pool, restaurant, wifi. Very quaint and pretty resort, but kind of far from most things. 471 Quetzals. (updated Aug 2020)
  • 2 Hotel Posada de Don Jose, 5 Calle, ☏ +502 79622900. Pool, restaurant/bar, a/c, wifi. A Spanish colonial style historical hotel right in town. 378 Quetzals. (updated Aug 2020)
  • 3 Mansión Los Guichos (1-2 km north of Dino Park on CITO-180), ☏ +502 41183838. Another resort, but close to Dino Park with restaurant/bar, free breakfast, pool, spa, gym, wifi, and a/c. 517 Quetzals. (updated Aug 2020)


Go next

  • Quetzaltenango - the principal city in the Western Highlands)
  • Tapachula - across the Mexican border in Chiapas

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