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Andorra la Vella

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Andorra Park Hotel
Andorra Park Hotel - dream vacation

Les Canals, 24Andorra la Vella

Acta Arthotel
Acta Arthotel - dream vacation

Prat de la Creu, 15-25Andorra la Vella

Hotel Valmar
Hotel Valmar - dream vacation

Avenida Merixell, 97Andorra la Vella

Hotel Jaume I
Hotel Jaume I - dream vacation

Roureda de Sansa, 2Andorra la Vella

Roc del Sola
Roc del Sola - dream vacation

Roureda de Sansa, 24Andorra la Vella

Raco Extrem
Raco Extrem - dream vacation

Carrer De La Vall, 20Andorra la Vella

Hotel Andorra Palace
Hotel Andorra Palace - dream vacation

Av. Meritxell, 58Andorra la Vella

Magic Andorra Hotel
Magic Andorra Hotel - dream vacation

Avenida Doctor Mitjavilla,11Andorra la Vella

Pitiusa Hotel
Pitiusa Hotel - dream vacation

4 D\'EnprivatAndorra la Vella

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Andorra la Vella is the capital of Andorra. At an altitude of 1023 m it is Europe's highest capital, and the only one located over 1 km above the sea level.


  • 1 Tourist Office of Andorra la Vella, ☏ +376 750 100, ✉ info@oficinaturisme.ad. (updated Feb 2018)

Get in

There is no train station or airport in the co-principality.

By bus

Bus companies operating international lines via Andorra la Vella:

  • Andbus (Novatel), Estació Nacional d’Autobusos d’ Andorra, C/ de la Cúria, ☏ +376 803 789, ✉ info@andbus.net. Operates from Andorra la Vella to Toulouse (€36 one-way, €64 roundtrip), Barcelona (€33 one-way, €56 roundtrip) and Girona from Estació Nacional d’Autobusos d’ Andorra station. (updated May 2019)
  • Alsa. Operates between Andorra and Spain. (updated Sep 2016)
  • Montmantell. Operates between Andorra and Lleida. Also operates twice daily bus to L'Hospitalet-près-l'Andorre train station in France. (updated Sep 2016)

Within Andorra, Interurbana. operates seven bus routes and all of the lines either start at or has stops in Andorra la Vella. (updated Feb 2018)

Get around

You should be able to walk around most of Andorra la Vella. The town is really in two parts. There is the newer section at the north end of the town that is very commercial with lots of shops. The other half is the older half, down across the river and to the south and west. This also has shops, places to eat and the historic part.

If you stay in either of these areas, you can easily cover them on foot, but walking from the end of one half to the other will take a good half hour or more, so it may be worth taking the local bus which is cheap. Be sure to read the timetable and routes carefully at the bus stop.


  • 1 Església de Sant Esteve (Church of Saint Stephen), Plaça Príncep Benlloch, ☏ +376 730 003, ✉ info@oficinaturisme.ad. 10AM-1PM & 3PM-7PM. This church in the old part of the city dates from the 12th century. Free guided tours; otherwise, the church is open to tourists outside of mass hours. free. (updated Oct 2017)
  • Church of Sant Andreu, Sant Andreu St., ☏ +376 827 117. M-Sa. Romanesque church dating from the 12th century. It is obligatory to reserve by phone. 
  • 2 Casa de la Vall, Carrer de la Vall. M-Sa 09:30-13:00 & 15:00-19:00; Su (May-Oct only) 10AM-2PM. Dating from the 16th century, it was the former seat of the Consell General (Andorran Parliament). Access is by guided tour only. Tours are on the half hour and last about a half hour. Reservations are required for the tour, so it's best to stop by and reserve a tour in the morning and return during your tour time. €5/adult, €2.50/concession. (updated Feb 2018)
  • Bridge of la Margineda, Santa Coloma. This bridge dates from medieval times but is still in perfect condition. Nearby there is a metallic sculpture made by the Valencian sculptor Andreu Alfaro. 
  • Rec del Solà and Rec de l’Obac. Paved paths with handrails illuminated in the night. They are 2.5 km long. Starting point: Collegi Sant Ermengol road and Tarragona avenue, respectively. 
  • The town square. This is a surprisingly peaceful place with a panoramic view of the Valley of Andorra
  • Parliament building and old town. The parliament building is a relatively modern building and you can walk around up the hill behind it and go onto the roof where there is a type of mini park. On a nice day, there is a great view out over the valley across and looking south towards Santa Coloma. From here you can head back up the hill slightly to the right and visit the old church of St Esteve. Behind it is an interesting little area filled with narrow streets which is clearly the original location of the settlement. 
  • Park Central. 06:00-24:00. Park with small pond. 
  • El Portal de la Vall, c/ Prat de la Creu 74-76, baixos (ground floor of the Comú building), ☏ +376 823 000, ✉ portal@madriu-perafita-claror.ad. M-F 09:00-13:00, 14:00-17:00; June 26 - Sept 7 08:00-15:00. This visitor center has useful information on the leisure activities offered in the Madriu-Perafita-Claror valley, as well as facts on the tasks carried out to manage the valley and promote the values that have made it a UNESCO Human Heritage site. free. (updated Sep 2017)
  • Rocks in the Street Museum, Pl. de la Rotonda. Formed by different specimens of sedimentary, magnificent, metamorphic rocks and high-quality fossils from Andorra, it is accompanied by a panel with explanations. free. (updated Sep 2017)


  • 1 Caldea, Parc de la Mola, 10, ☏ +376 800 999. You can visit the spa/sauna/swimming complex Caldea at the nearby Escaldes-Engordany. It is located at the top of the town in the large glass spire structure. (updated Feb 2018)

Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley

The cultural landscape of Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley, which was inscribed in the World heritage list in 2006, can only be accessed on foot. It offers great hiking and climbing possibilities in summer and in winter ski mountaineering or walking with snowshoes is an option.

  • One entrance to the valley is a short bus ride or just over an hour walk from the oldest part of Andorra la Vella. See Escaldes-Engordany for details.


The best bargains can be obtained in electronic goods and jewellery. High cost items tend to be cheaper than anywhere else because of the low tax.

The great thing about the electronic goods like digital cameras is that there are a huge range of shops and a huge stock range, so you really get to see all the different makes and models.

Some of the larger shops seem to stock a lot of brand label clothing. Don't miss out on the Via Moda Group, a chain of stores under different names, especially during sales.

There are loads of ski gear shops. Shop around.

  • Pyrenees, Avinguda Meritxell 11. Department store with several floors. There are various family friendly restaurants, a large electronic goods floor, designer label floors, and a supermarket notable for interesting Andorran and Spanish specialty foods and red wines. 
  • Andorra 2000, Avinguda Tarragona 26. Supermarket sells electronic, clothes and food. 
  • Llibreria La Puça (Llibreria La Puça & El Rebost del Padrí), Carrer de la Vall, 18, ☏ +376 827 726. M-F 10AM-8PM, Sa 10AM-2PM 5PM-8PM. Small bookshop and cafe that sells a wide range of books in Catalan and many international languages including children's books. They also sell beer including Alpha Brewery beers in bottles. (updated Jan 2018)


There are reasonably priced restaurants, although many of them tend to be Italian restaurants serving pizza and pasta. You find almost nothing open after 22:30. El Vesuvio in nearby La Massana serves Italian and Moroccan food until 24:00.

  • 1 Bar Restaurant Nou, Avinguda Doctor Mitjavila. (updated Feb 2018)
  • 2 Fresc Co, Avinguda Doctor Mitjavila. (updated Feb 2018)
  • 3 L'Escenari de pizzes, Avinguda Doctor Mitjavila. (updated Feb 2018)
  • 4 Lizzaran, 86 Avinguda Meritxell. (updated Feb 2018)
  • 5 El Japo, 65 Avinguda Meritxell. (updated Feb 2018)
  • 6 El Refugi Alpí, 73 Avinguda Meritxell. (updated Feb 2018)
  • 7 La Mossegada, 73 Avinguda Meritxell. (updated Feb 2018)
  • 8 La Piazza, Carrer de l'Aigüeta. (updated Feb 2018)
  • 9 L'arroseria, Carrer de la Vall. (updated Feb 2018)
  • 10 L'Alternativa, 8 Plaça Guillemó. (updated Feb 2018)


Drink and spirits especially are very good value in the supermarkets. Especially at the Hiper Andorra.

  • La Birreria, Carrer La Vall nº 3, ☏ +376 816352, ✉ labirreria@andorra.ad. 17:00-23:00. Small beer-tasting shop (updated Sep 2017)


There are no four- or five-star international chain hotels. The only well-known chain hotels are Novotel, Holiday Inn and Ibis. The remaining hotels are almost always independently operated.

  • Husa Centric Hotel. Located centrally in the main shopping area. This is part of the Husa chain in Spain
  • Hesperia Andorra la Vella, Avinguda Doctor Mitjavila, ☏ +376 880 880. Located in the heart of the capital, this hotel offers some fantastic views of the Pyrenees. Rooms from €59. 
  • Pension la Rosa, Antic Carrer Major 18, just south of Avenue Princep Benloch, Andorra la Vella, ☏ +376 821 810. 


  • 1 Hotel Sant Jordi, Princep Benlloch 45, ☏ +376 876 200, ✉ comercial@janhotels.com. Check-in: 14:00-24:00, check-out: 12:00. Cheap price, no air-conditioner, breakfast buffet is either included in the booking or available for €4.50/person. Double room €40/night. 


  • 2 Hotel Ibis Andorra, Avenue Meritxell 58, ☏ +376 873 601. (updated Apr 2018)


  • 3 Novotel Andorra, Prat de la Creu s n, ☏ +376 873 603. (updated Apr 2018)
  • 4 Holiday Inn Andorra, Carrer Prat de la Creu, 88, ☏ +376 874 444. (updated Apr 2018)
  • 5 Hotel Andorra Center, Carrer Dr. Nequi, 12, ☏ +376 824 800. Nice 4-star hotel in the center of the town. Andorra Center is part of the Best Hotels chain. 

See nearby Escaldes-Engordany since it's very close.


The stretch of Avinguda Meritxell in downtown Andorra la Vella and Avinguda Carlemany that continues Av. Meritxell in the adjacent Escaldes-Engordany has free public WiFi.


  • Oficina Nacional de Turismo, Carrer del Doctor Vilanova 13, ✉ info@andorra.ad. Information for tourists; they give also the maps of Andorra


  • Belgium, Carrer Bonaventura Riberaygua 39-4-3, ☏ +376 386-598, fax: +376 851-316, ✉ consul.bel@andorra.ad. 
  • France, Carrer Sobrevia 7-BP 155, ☏ +376 73 67 30, fax: +376 73 67 31, ✉ ambassade-de-france@andorra.ad. 
  • Portugal, ☏ +376 805305, fax: +376 805875, ✉ mail@cgand.dgaccp.pt. 
  • San Marino, Ave Princep Benlloch, 62-72, ☏ +376 860532, ✉ ambassade@andorra.be. 
  • Spain, Prat de la Creu, 34, ☏ +376 80 00 30, fax: +376 86 85 00, ✉ embespad@correo.mae.es. 
  • Switzerland, Crowne Plaza Andorra, Carrer Prat de la Creu 88-89, ☏ +376 874444, fax: +376 874445, ✉ crowneplaza@andorra.ad. 

Go next

Andorra la Vella is not a bad location if you want to go skiing because you can get either the local bus or the "Snow" bus up to most of the ski resorts. Most hotels during the ski season should have details.

The old town is worth visiting. It is up on the hill to the West and South of the main modern part of the town. It is quite old and quaint. You should cover it in about 2 or 3 hours.

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