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Ružomberok (German: Rosenberg; Hungarian: Rózsahegy; Polish: Rużomberk) is a town in Central Slovakia, in the historical Liptov region. It has a population of around 30,000.


The city lies on a cross of historical and current trade routes. Historically, it was part of Likava - which is a village next to it.

It is similar in character to other cities in the region (like Liptovský Mikuláš or Martin). Major employer in the city is Mondi SCP, a paper-making/processing company. The city also hosts one of the biggest Slovak colleges - "Katolícka univerzita".

Get in

Major train route also has a stop at the 1 main train station. Next to it, there's also a bus station, where inter-city and inter-country buses operate. Another way to get in is by car.

Get around

Private car is the most common way of transport, but the city has a public bus network which operates in around 1/2-1 hr intervals on the most common routes. The buses also operate to the nearby villages, mostly from the main station. Taxis operate mainly from the bus station and around city center (at Hotel Kultúra).

Apart from a few hilly parts (Klačno, Baničné, Cemetery surroundings), most of the town is easily accessible by bicycle, within ~20 minutes. The city center is also reasonably accessible by foot, 30 minutes should suffice in most cases.


  • 1 Vlkolínec (Turn from road 59 next to "Vlčí dvor" restaurant, then follow signs up a valley.). One of only few folk villages which survived intact in Central Europe and is nominated in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Vlkolínec is famous for its folk architecture. Two of 45 houses can be visited from the inside, and there is a small art gallery, a church and a cemetery. The village can only be reached by car (private or taxi). The village is closed to vehicles, but free parking is available. (updated Oct 2016)
  • 2 Andrej Hlinka plaza (Námestie Andreja Hlinku). A relaxing, picturesque and quiet plaza on a small hill in the city center, (updated Oct 2016)
  • 3 Likava castle. A partly reconstructed castle in the nearby village Likavka. Formerly a guarding point, it was destroyed and decayed into ruins. However, some of its parts have been restored and there are few historical exibitions in place. The best way to visit the castle is starting at the street "Pod Hradom" in Likavka (infocenter available), and going uphill by foot. The road is relatively short, but refreshing walk through a forrest and/or meadow. Beneath the castle, there are miscellaneous events occurring at different time of year - for example historical battle reconstructions. (updated Oct 2016)
  • 4 St. Ondrej church (Farský kostol sv. Ondreja). (updated Oct 2016)


  • 5 Liptov museum (Liptovské múzeum) (Nearby the Kultúra hotel). A museum containing mostly permanent exhibitions revealing the history of the Liptov region and nature. In addition, there are several thematic exhibitions displayed. (updated Oct 2016)
  • 6 Ľudovít Fulla Gallery (Galéria Ľudovíta Fullu), Dušana Makovického 1 (Nearby Liptovské Múzeum). A gallery containing art of a Slovak painter, one of the most important figures of Slovakian creative art in the 20th century. (updated Oct 2016)
  • City center with shops and a few parks.
  • History museum Havránok, showing history of former celtish settlings in the region.


Many attractions are present in or nearby the city.


Plenty of hiking trails exist in the surrounding mountains. Check openstreetmap project for detailed maps of hikes around the city.

  • Few hours hikes to surrounding peaks include Čebrať (the most prominent hill), Mních (the one with a broadcast tower), and Sidorovo
  • A pleasant hike through meadows from Vlkolínec to Malinô Brdo and back
  • Panoramatic hikes to Malinné peak (it's possible to take Hrabovo cablecar for a large part of the way), Tlstá hora and Veľký Choč (ideally from Valasská Dubová) are more demanding and good shoes are recommended, as well as weather forecast awareness.
  • 1 Čutkovo valley. Great place for families - with playgrounds, meadows, restaurants, water stream and dam. (updated Nov 2016)
    • 2 Small waterfalls in Čutkovo valley. About 4 km up the valley, there are 2 signed paths up the side valleys/streams, towards small waterfalls: Jelení vodopád and Jemišné vodopády. (updated Nov 2016)
  • A hour's drive from the city, it's possible to reach stunning mountains like High Tatras and Roháče (in Western Tatras)
  • Multi-day hikes via mountain tops, sleeping in small shelters or (alpine) huts:
    • Low Tatras (start at Liptovská Lúžna or Korytnica)
    • Great Fatra (start at Malinô Brdo)
    • Little Fatra (start at Terchová) - a picturesque Veľký Rozsutec mountain.


  • 3 Bike road to Korytnica. A bike road in place of former "small train" track. Korytnica used to be a famous spa area, that has become somewhat degraded. There are some restaurants and mineral water springs in the area. The path partly follows a major road, thus it's not ideal for nature lovers. During the summer season, a small part of the path through the city can be spiced up by taking a semi-historical train from the main train station to 2 Zapalkaren. (updated Jun 2018)
  • Mountain biking in Malinô Brdo - more than 10 tracks of different difficulties available.

Many mountainous routes in the Čutkovo valley, Lubochňa valley and other surrounding areas.


  • 4 Freestyle skating/biking park (On the main road under the Klačno suburb). (updated Oct 2016)
  • California. Summer sports (tennis, volleyball) and pizzeria next to the freestyle park. (updated Nov 2016)
  • 5 Tenis bar. Tennis courts next to the football stadium. (updated Nov 2016)
  • 6 Ice stadium. The ice stadium is open for casual and professional ice skating - check the timetables. (updated Nov 2016)
  • Nearby mountains provide multiple possibilities of skiing (skibusses available in the winter), e.g. 7 Malinô Brdo. , Donovaly or Jasná.
  • At the Liptovská Mara, there are some watersport activities possible.
  • Speleology in the (mostly small) caves around the city.


  • In the nearby villages, there are multiple water parks available, including:
    • Bešeňová - as detailed in Liptovský Michal
    • Liptovská Osada - Gothal
    • Lúčky - Kúpele
  • 8 Small animal shelter (in the meadow between Vlkolínec and Malinô Brdo). A place for relaxing with kids. (updated Oct 2016)
  • 9 Hrabovo valley. Relaxation and walking in the valley/forests around, as well as zorbing, ziplining and wellness. Cablecar to Malinô Brdo has the lower station here. (updated Nov 2016)


  • 1 Main shopping area (between streets Dončova and Podhora). A city center where most service and small shops are found. (updated Oct 2016)
  • 2 Multiple big shopping centers, Bystrická cesta. Kaufland, Lidl and several smaller shops (updated Oct 2016)
  • 3 City market (crossing of Bystrická and Tatranský roads). A small shop area - Billa supermarket, sport shop, electronics, etc. (updated Jan 2017)
  • 4 Tesco supermarket, Žilinská cesta. (updated Oct 2016)


Multiple restaurants and coffees are present in the city center. Most commonly regional food and pizza are served. Also the Čutkovo and Hrabovo valleys have restaurants.

  • 1 Koliba u dobrého pastiera. Local cuisine. (updated Nov 2016)

Nearby the city, popular options include:

  • road to Banská Bystrica - see South-Western Liptov (still just 10-15 minutes by car from center).
  • road to Žilina: 2 Salaš Krajinka. Excellent local cheese factory, bakery and restaurant (updated Nov 2016)
  • road to Dolný Kubín: 3 Koliba restaurant (near Likava castle at the main road). Local cuisine. (updated Nov 2016)


  • 1 Relax tea pub. Place where different informal/independent cultural events occur. Many types of tea available. Sitting in bags underlines the peaceful atmosphere. (updated Nov 2016)
  • 2 Arena. Snooker bar. (updated Nov 2016)
  • 3 Aquila tea club. A very laid-back and quiet place to enjoy a cup of tea. (updated Nov 2016)
  • 4 Passé. Excellent coffee and hot chocolate are served here. (updated Nov 2016)


  • 1 Hotel Áčko (on the main road under the Klačno suburb). (updated Oct 2016)
  • 2 Penzion Andrej (Not so far from the city center, in a quiet street). (updated Oct 2017)
  • 3 Hotel Kultúra (in the city center, 10 minutes walk from main station). (updated Oct 2016)

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The nearby areas of Orava, Liptovská Mara and Liptovská Osada.

Mountain ranges Tatra National Park, Great Fatra, Little Fatra and Low Tatras.

Cities Žilina, Martin, Banská Bystrica, Liptovský Mikuláš

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