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For the Italian town, see Salò.

Salo is a city of about 52,000 inhabitants (2021) in Finland Proper, perhaps best known for Nokia mobile phones.


Salo has existed as a centre of rural commerce since at least the 16th century. It became a market town in 1887 and a town 1960. Much of the surrounding countryside, including Halikko, Kiikala, Kisko, Kuusjoki, Muurla, Perniö, Pertteli, Suomusjärvi, Särkisalo and Uskela, is now incorporated in the same municipality.

There has been electronics production in Salo since the 1920s. The success of the communications company Nokia in the 1990s made the town flourish. This was where phones were assembled, to the extent production was not abroad, to have production near development. Bad times for Nokia have been bad times for the city: in 2012 Nokia closed its factory, and in 2015 Microsoft closed the development facilities.

Get in

By train

All trains between Helsinki and Turku stop in Salo,

By bus

The normal express ("pika") Turku–Salo–Helsinki buses stop in Salo, but not the special express ("express") Turku–Helsinki ones. There are also regional buses from Turku and a few "regular" buses between Turku and Helsinki via Salo. This means some buses once or twice an hour most of the day, every two hours for some time in the night.

By car

Salo is close to the motorway E18 (national road 1) between Helsinki (120 km) and Turku (50 km), by the former main road (national road 110) and at the ancient Great Coastal Road, the "King's road" between the cities.

The King's Road (Kuninkaantie, Kungsvägen) mostly follows what now are village roads. It is marked as a historic road. Unless in a hurry you might want to take this route to better see the countryside and visit some of the sights.

Get around

Information about local buses can be found here. There is a route planner for local transport trips. Waltti mobile app can be used for ticket purchase.

By taxi

  • Menevä Salo. Smart phone app offers address based routing and calculates price according to them. For price information, see Menevä web site. (updated Mar 2020)
  • Valopilkku (Taksi Helsinki). Taxis ordered by smart phone app. (updated Aug 2019)
  • 02 Taksi. Smart phone app offers address-based routing and gives price offers from different taxi companies. (updated Mar 2020)


  • 1 Salo Art Gallery (Salon Taidemuseo), Mariankatu 14, ☏ +358 2 778 4892, veturitalli@salo.fi. 
  • 2 Rikala fortress hill (Rikalan linnavuori). Ruins of a fortified hill from the Iron Age. Situated in the former municipality of Halikko. 


  • Visit Teijo National Park [1] and the historic iron works in Kirjakkala, Teijo and Mathildedal in Perniö, some 20 km south-west from Salo centre.



  • Olivia Ravintola Salo, Vilhonkatu 1, ☏ +358 44 9889053. (updated Oct 2021)
  • 1 Kahvila Wilhelmiina, Vilhonkatu 6, ☏ +358 40 5064134. M-F 08:00-16:00, Sa 09:00-15:00. (updated Oct 2021)



  • 1 Hotelli Cumulus Salo, Länsiranta 10, ☏ +358 2 211 4500, fax: +358 2 211 4599, salo.cumulus@restel.fi. 


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