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Kaltenbach may refer to the following:


  • Kaltenbach, Switzerland, a part of the municipality of Wagenhausen, Thurgau, Switzerland
  • Kaltenbach, Austria, a municipality in Zillertal, Tyrol, Austria
  • Nové Hutě (Kaltenbach), a municipality in Prachatice District, Czech Republic


  • Kaltenbach (Dürnach), a river in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, tributary of the Dürnach
  • Kaltenbach (White Elster), a river in Saxony, Germany, tributary of the White Elster
  • Kaltenbach (Wupper), a river in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, tributary of the Wupper
  • Kaltenbach (Elsava), a river of Bavaria, Germany, further downstream called Elsava
  • Kaltenbach (Mangfall), a river of Bavaria, Germany, tributary of the Mangfall


  • Ernst Kaltenbach (1889–1995), Swiss footballer who played as a midfielder
  • Frederick Wilhelm Kaltenbach (1895–1945), American of German origin who broadcast Nazi propaganda from Germany during World War II
  • Johann Heinrich Kaltenbach (1807–1876), German naturalist and entomologist
  • Luther Kaltenbach (1843–1922), veteran of the American Civil War and a recipient of the Medal of Honor
  • Rudolf Kaltenbach (1842–1893), German gynaecologist

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