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Queen Victoria ruled the British Empire from 1837 to 1901. Her reign, the Victorian era, represented the Empire at its peak. Many places worldwide bear her name, from Africa's largest lake to a state in Australia and the capitals of British Columbia, Seychelles and Hong Kong.

There is more than one place called Victoria and not all are named after Queen Victoria either:


  • Victoria (Buenos Aires) - A city in the San Fernando Partido in the northwestern part of the greater Buenos Aires metropolis. It grew up around the train station and yes it was named after the British Queen.
  • Victoria (Entre Rios) - A city in the department of the same name contained in the Entre Rios province.


  • Victoria (state) - the southernmost of the eastern mainland states


  • Victoria (British Columbia) is capital of British Columbia province.
  • Saskatchewan's capital, the "Queen City" of Regina, is also named to honour Queen Victoria.
  • Victoria (Manitoba) - A rural municipality located in south-central Manitoba, north-east of Glenboro.
  • Victoria (Newfoundland & Labrador) - A town in Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Victoria (Nova Scotia) - A town in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia.
  • Victoria (Prince Edward Island) - A small community on Prince Edward Island branded as "Victoria by the Sea" to honour its seaport heritage and to attract travellers and tourists.

Hong Kong

  • Victoria (Hong Kong) is the official name of the district on Hong Kong Island where the government is based, although it is generally called just 'Central' these days


  • Victoria (Malta) (Rabat) - the capital of the island of Gozo


In Mexico, "Victoria" is named after Guadalupe Victoria, the general and political leader who fought for independence from the Spanish Empire in 1812 and became the first president of Mexico after the ratification of the 1824 constitution. Victoria, Texas (see below under the 'United States of America') is the other place named after Guadalupe Victoria instead of Queen Victoria when Texas was part of Mexico before 1836.

  • Ciudad Victoria (Tamaulipas) - The capital of La Municipalidad de Victoria and Tamaulipas state in northeastern Mexico.
  • Victoria (Guanajuato) - A town in Guanajuato state.


  • Victoria Island – the primary business and financial centre of Lagos


  • Victorias (Negros Occidental) - A small town with a huge sugar refinery.


  • Victoria (Seychelles) - the capital city, located on the island of Mahe (Mahé)

Trinidad and Tobago

  • Victoria (Trinidad) - on the island of Trinidad

United States of America

Except in Kansas the name "Victoria" has different origins in the USA:

  • Victoria (Texas) - A town in Texas named after General Guadalupe Victoria who became the first president of Mexico following national independence and the ratification of the first constitution in 1824. Texas seceded from Mexico in 1836 and later joined the USA in 1845.
  • Victoria (Kansas) - A town in Kansas is the only town in the U.S. named after Queen Victoria by the town's founder and first settler George Grant in 1873.
  • Victoria (Minnesota) - A town in Minnesota named after the St Victoria Church located north of Lake Bavaria where the town was first settled in 1851.

Zambia and Zimbabwe

  • Victoria Falls (Zambia) — Zambian side of the falls
  • Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) — town on the Zimbabwean side

See also

  • Vitoria (disambiguation) — for Vitoria and Vitória

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