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Hyrynsalmi is in Kainuu.


Get in

Hyrynsalmi is located at Highway 5 between Kajaani and Kuusamo. You can get in by car or bus.

Get around

By taxi

  • Smartphone apps: Valopilkku, 02 Taksi


  • 1 Kaunislehto, Vanhatie 89, 89400 Hyrynsalmi, ☏ +358 44 710 4595. Kaunislehto is a traditional Hyrynsalmi farmyard museum which contains over 20 buildings.  


  • 1 Saarijärvi old growth forest (Saarijärven aarialue), Hallantie 134 (13 km north from Hyrynsalmi: small roads with biking or skiing routes – no car access in winter – lead to the parking at a trailhead; another trailhead near Suomussalmi and a third near road 892 westward from Suomussalmi: junction just east of the railroad), ☏ +358 206-396-380 (Petola landline), +358 40-825-6060 (Petola mobile), +358 44-338-0938 (guiding about the history), petola@metsa.fi. A 14-km² protected area including old-growth forest, small lakes, brooks and mires. The soil is mostly barren, with lusher vegetation by the brooks. Animals to be spotted or heard include the great grey owl, Tengmalm's owl (boreal owl), black woodpecker, northern goshawk, several waders, crane, whooper swan, beaver and reindeer. Signs of slash-and-burn agriculture can be seen. The island in the lake Saarijärvi, and the buildings there, were used as a hiding place during the Jaeger operation in connection to Finnish independence, and also for political refugees from Russia. The 10-km circle trail is 2–2.5 km from the trailheads. In winter the 25-km Hallan latu cross-country skiing tracks lead from Ukko-Halla to Suomisjärvi through the area. A biking route and a snowmobile route lead via the Venäläis-aho lean-to shelter near the eastern trailhead. Day hut, lean-to shelter and campfire sites. Good-looking water from lakes and creeks can be used, but should be boiled before drinking, as the quality varies. Right to access applies, except that camping is restricted to the campfire sites. Lighting a fire is strictly forbidden in the island, and otherwise allowed only at the campfire sites and only when no wildfire warning is in effect. Information from the Metsähallitus visitor centre Petola in Kuhmo (the local information boards are in Finnish only). 


  • 2 Swamp football, Pölhövaarantie 61 (10 km south from the centre; parking and bus transport available), ☏ +358 44-710-4606. 2022: 15–16 July. An unusual yearly football (soccer) tournament: the playing field is in a swamp, making playing challenging. 
  • Snow football. Beginning of February. Challenging football is possible in winter also: now the playing field is covered in deep snow. 





  • Camping Vonkka, Hallantie 6, info@campingvonkka.fi. Camping and cabins. Rowboats for rent. Breakfast by agreement. Caravan €25–30, tent €10 (€20/50 during the football) + €2/person, cabin €25–40 for 2 persons, €55 for 5, more during the football, linen €10/person; laundry €5/load; sauna €15/55 min; breakfast €8/4.50. 
  • Martinselkonen Wilds Centre (Martinselkosen Eräkeskus), Pirttivaarantie 131, 89920 Ruhtinansalmi. Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. Room and cottage accommodation in middle of wilderness. Meal services. Wildlife watching (bear, moose, birds). 
  • Alppisalvos oy (Alppisalvos Oy), Hakokyläntie 194, 89400 Hyrynsalmi, ☏ +358 40 577 28 70. Unique, handmade logcabine for 4-5 persons, location only 20 meters to lake. In the middle of beautiful forest area eastern Finland, 90km from Kajaani (airport) and only 40km from Russian border. Four seasons from midnight sun to northern lights. Activities like hiking, fishing, canoeing, hunting, picking berries and mushrooms or skiing and fun in snow. 70E/night, 450E/Week. 
  • Loma-Hossa, Hossantie 273 Fi 89920 Ruhtinansalmi, ☏ +358 8 732329. Accommodation in apartments and cottages. 


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