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Quevedo is a city in the coastal region of Ecuador. Its population is usually cited between 100,000 and 150,000.

Quevedo is known for its prominent Chinese immigrant population and has even been called the "Chinatown of Ecuador". This gives it a distinct appearance and cultural feeling in relation to other Ecuadorian cities. There are many chifas (Chinese food restaurants) throughout the city of highly variable quality.

Most tourist guide books portray Quevedo very poorly, and indeed, it is not a city well-equipped for tourism. Regardless, accommodation, good food, and a unique cultural experience are all available.

Get in

If you can speak at least a limited amount of Spanish, the best way to get around Ecuador is by bus.

Transportes Ecuador is well-known for being a safe and comfortable bus company. They have buses running between Quito and Guayaquil almost 24/7, all of which will stop in Quevedo, albeit very briefly.

The cost can also be reached from Quevedo. The bus to Manta costs $7 and to Puerto Viejo $6.

Get around

Taxis are everywhere in the city and eager to give you a lift. It seems to be sort of an unwritten rule that a ride from anywhere to anywhere within the main city costs $1. Don't let them charge you more.



Unless you have specific business or plans in Quevedo, the best thing to do is just walk around the city center. As was previously mentioned, Quevedo is not a very tourist-oriented city. Because of this, however, you can get a good taste of what a true Ecuadorian coastal city is like.

Along the waterfront is a bustling fish and produce market showcasing the whole gamut of food products from the area.



Throughout the city, there are numerous restaurants that serve great food.

Ecuadorian standard fare

Anywhere in the country, one can find comida típica. This usually consists of two courses: a soup and a second. The second (or entree) will likely come with a meat of the day, a generous serving of rice, and a small salad. Often served with juice.

Asaderos (grills)


  • El Picudo Blanco - A more upscale (this is a relative term) seafood restaurant with a fairly extensive menu. Average plate: $5.
  • Marisqueria Las Redes - Recognized citywide for its encebollado, a delicious seafood soup. Choose between the sencillo (comes with albacore - $1) or the mixto (with albacore, shrimp, chicharrónes, crab, etc. - $1.50). Served with chifles (plantain chips). Av. June Guzman.

Chifa (Chinese food)

There are innumerable chifas in Quevedo.

  • Chifa HONG KONG - Known as one of the best in town. One block north of Parque Central on Calle Cuarta.
  • Chifa Xing Fu, av. jaime roldos aguilera y decima quinta, ☏ +593 5 275 6561. Nice crab rangoon wonton. (updated Nov 2020)



Quevedo offers both ends of the accommodation spectrum.

  • Hotel Olímpico. It is likely the finest of the hotels in the area. Large swimming pool with high dives and water slides. The hotel itself is a little ways out of the city center (though still within easy walking distance). Rooms starting at 44$USD per night. 
  • Hostal Mafi, Calle Camilo Arevalo 221, ☏ +593 98 646 9169. Clean, cheap hostel environment with apparently good security. Rooms with two beds or a matrimonio (single large bed). 
  • Hotel Presidente (1 km out of the city via Valencia). Rooms are comfortable and spacious, everything its of good quality. The hotel has a bar-restaurant with homemade food. Also a boutique with imported products and clothes from USA and China. Su casa en Quevedo. Prices from $20 per night depending on if it is single or double occupancy and if there's a group of people they would offer you a discount. 

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