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Kesahotelli Lapua
Kesahotelli Lapua - dream vacation

Siirilantie 11-13 (check in Puistotie 2)Lapua

Wanha Karhunmaki
Wanha Karhunmaki - dream vacation

Karhunmäentie 923, KarhunmäkiLapua

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Lapua is a city in Southern Ostrobothnia in Finland.


26 kilometers away from Seinäjoki, Lapua is located in the heart of South Ostrobothnia. This city with 14,500 inhabitants is a peaceful place, with its landscape dominated by rivers, forests, wide fields and the Simpsiö hill, one of the best ski centers in Western Finland.

The city provides excellent opportunities for both sport and cultural interests, and plenty of different events are arranged in the city throughout the year.

Get in

Lapua is easy to reach driving north-east from Seinäjoki on the Main road 19, Main road 16 connects Lapua east-west and Main road 66 connects south to AlavusVirratRuovesi and Orivesi.

Get around

By taxi

  • Keskustaksi, Taksini: see Southern_Ostrobothnia#By_taxi
  • Smartphone apps: Valopilkku, 02 Taksi


  • Lapua Art Museum (Lapuan Taidemuseo). Right in front of the Lapua Cartridge Factory Museum is located the Lapua Art Museum. In this gallery is possible to appreciate the collection storage and presentation of art. The Art Museum's main designer was academician Juha Leiviskä from Helsinki, which makes the history and the modern museum's architecture impressive by combining beautifully the key factor of light. The museum of Art is open to the public since January 10th of 2006. (updated Oct 2015)
  • Lapua Cartridge Factory Museum (Lapuan Patruunatehtaan Museo). Lapua Cartridge Factory Museum presents the history and related occurrences since 1923 in Lapua cartridge factory. This brand is known around the world. The plant has been of great importance for the Finnish National Defense and for the shooting sports, but it is also a key part of the neighborhood community. This was the place where the old Lapua Cartridge Factory was situated until the big catastrophe occurred in April of 1976. A huge explosion end with the lives of 40 workers, mostly women. Since then it remains on the memory of all the inhabitants of the city and this is the main reason why this Cultural Center and museum were created. Cartridge Factory Museum's original collection has been formed in 1993, when the city bought the old Lapua Cartridge Factory in the area of real estate. In addition, the city bought for the museum collection cartridge factory, old furniture and other devices. They transformed the factory area into the Cultural Center and in the main building they settled the exhibition space for the Cartridge Factory Museum is the largest building in the area and its facades remain virtually unchanged from the original. The permanent exhibition was opened on May 5th of 2006. The old factory’s atmosphere can still be perceived in the library, exhibition rooms, open college and conservatoire. Cartridge Factory Museum's collection includes the original factory equipment, tools, products, photos, and otherwise, both locally and globally important plant in the everyday way of life material. (updated Oct 2015)
  • Vanha Paukku Cultural Center in Lapua. Vanha Paukku (Old Blank in English) definitely has to be in the “to visit list” in Lapua. This is a unique cultural and business center of Lapua, situated on the Lapuanjoki riverbank, at the very heart of the city. This is a magnificent place where remains important part of the history of the area.The Cultural Center consists on the old cartridge factory building, museums of history, art and photography shop, as well as meeting rooms, library and a cafeteria. There are some enjoyable and interesting handicraft shops in the same area which is also something recommendable to take a look at before leaving.During the summer time it is also possible to find in this place a river boat that will take a trip around the area´s landscapes and historical buildings. 


  • Lapua River Cruise (Latomerilaivat), ☏ +358 500 555 969 (mobile), tuula.pontinen@nic.fi. Sundays starting at 17 (Sunday 24.6. not out). After midsummer, also on Wednesdays at 15 o’clock and Thursdays at 17 o’clock.. This fascinating cruise trip along the Lapua River is approximately one-hour journey where people can enjoy the beautiful scenery, riverside parks, flower gardens, and culturally and historically significant buildings. At the same time tourists can hear a guided tour of a strong and interesting history about the city, as well as the ancient way of life. The ship is very modern and it is covered and equipped with big windows, making an amazing view from the inside. The ship tours work from the months of May until September. The cruise leaves from the Vanha Paukku Cultural Center and navigates along the Lapua River as well as the Nurma River and returns to the same place. In the Big Factory building, people can have the opportunity to have some coffee and snacks at the cafeteria and explore the various exhibitions and museums as well as factory outlets. Duration: approximately one hour. buffet lunch cafe in the Big Factory Building. Adults 10 €, Children 5 to 12 years 5 €, Children under 5 years free of charge, Family ticket 25 €. Groups 360 € up to 52 people. 


  • Lapuan Kankurit Factory Outlet, linen textiles and other textiles: https://www.lapuankankurit.fi/en/lapua-factory-outlet




  • Gasthaus Tiitu, Liiverintie 3, ☏ +358 6 433 8500, liisa.tiitu@gasthaustiitu.net. Comfy lodgings for up-to-25 people in Gasthaus Tiitu in country-side setting even if just next to city center since 1980. Additionally they offer a banquet hall for 60-90 people for rent and have in-house catering also available. (updated Apr 2016)

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