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Villa de Merlo

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Cabanas Amatista
Cabanas Amatista - dream vacation

Amatista 625Villa de Merlo

Complejo de Cabanas Costa del Sol
Complejo de Cabanas Costa del Sol - dream vacation

Esmeralda entre Av. del Deporte y JaspeVilla de Merlo

Cabanas Dalga Inn
Cabanas Dalga Inn - dream vacation

El Zorzal y Ruta Prov Nº 5.Rincon Del EsteVilla de Merlo

Merlo Hostel
Merlo Hostel - dream vacation

Avenida del Sol 1025Villa de Merlo

Valle del Sol Hotel
Valle del Sol Hotel - dream vacation

Champaquí Y ContiVilla de Merlo

Posadas Ventana Al Valle
Posadas Ventana Al Valle - dream vacation

Cantata Del Bosque Natala 25 - Parque Los NogalesVilla de Merlo

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Villa de Merlo is a small city in the Department of Junín, Province of San Luis, Argentina. It is administered by an intendant, presently former Provincial Senator Gloria Petrino. The town lies 796 meters above sea level. The demotic for Merlo is "merlino".

Merlo is the third most populated country town in the province. The weather is mostly mild and dry, with little wind, and the area has a number of streams.

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