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Motel VIS
Motel VIS - dream vacation

Prospekt Karla Marksa 63-BIvangorod

Narva Hotel
Narva Hotel - dream vacation

Krikkovskoye Shosse 20Ivangorod

Mega Ivangorod
Mega Ivangorod - dream vacation

Leningradskaya oblast\' Kingisepp prospekt Karla Marksa 60AIvangorod

Mega Hotel Ivangorod
Mega Hotel Ivangorod - dream vacation

Prospekt Karla Marksa 60aIvangorod

Luzhsky Bereg
Luzhsky Bereg - dream vacation

Profilaktornaya Ulitsa 2Ivangorod

Ormand Inn Ivangorod
Ormand Inn Ivangorod - dream vacation

Krikkovskoe shosse 20Ivangorod

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Ivangorod is a small town in Leningrad Oblast, sitting right at the Estonian border at the Narva River, opposite the Estonian city of Narva. Ivangorod was for most of its history more or less in municipal union with Narva, as the junior partner. It has been much more difficult to move back and forth across the Narva river following the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the ensuing poor relations between Russian and Estonia, which has divided the populace (and somewhat stranded those on the Russian side from the city's actual center).


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