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La Libertad

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Papaya Lodge
Papaya Lodge - dream vacation

Kilometro 42 carretera a litoral Playa TuncoLa Libertad

Cielo Vista Hotel & Spa
Cielo Vista Hotel & Spa - dream vacation

Km. 43 Carretera Litoral, La LibertadLa Libertad

Posada Luna
Posada Luna - dream vacation

El Tunco La libertadLa Libertad

Atami Escape Resort
Atami Escape Resort - dream vacation

Km. 49, Carretera del LitoralLa Libertad

Esencia Nativa Hostel & restaurant
Esencia Nativa Hostel & restaurant - dream vacation

El Zonte Beach, Carretera El Litoral km53La Libertad

Hotel Acali
Hotel Acali - dream vacation

Canton el Palmar Caserio el PalmarcitoLa Libertad

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La Libertad is a municipality in the La Libertad department of Western El Salvador.


Get in

You can take bus 102 from the corner of 17a Av Sur and 6a Calle ponente in the city center, $0.60.

Get around

You can walk and surf in the nearest beaches. Buses from Liberad to other beaches like El Tunco and SunZal cost .25 US and catching a ride in a truck is always an option.


The La Libertad beaches are some of the best surfing beaches in the country as well as in the whole Central American region.

  • El Sunzal Beach. The best surfing beach in El Salvador and one of the best 10 of the world.
  • Puerto de La Libertad. Has one of the country's major ports, and is a good area for tourism and surfing, with a great corniche for walking along, with opportunities to enjoy Salvadorian "cocteles" or "ceviches".
  • Playa San Diego. A huge sandy beach, deserted bar a few fishermen at dusk & dawn, maybe some kids playing football with bamboo goalposts. Great surf for beginners .... none of the rocks and crowds of Sunzal. Friendly residential area, a few hotels and one hostel and a few cheap comedores & pupusarias.
  • 1 Walter Thilo Deininger National Park (right off CA 2 about 5.4 km east of La Libertad, will see blue sign with "Parque De Aventura Walter Deininger" or something similar on it.), ☏ +503 76015560. 8AM-4PM daily. Lush deciduous forest, canopy walks, abseiling (rappelling) down waterfalls, guided tours, bat cave exploration, obstacle course, animal encounters, be prepared to get a little muddy if it's wet out. $3 for foreigners. (updated Aug 2020)


If you plan to surf understand that these are the local's breaks also. Expect them to drop in on you but if you drop in on them you might they will let you know. There are numerous places to rent boards and many of the hostels outside of La Libertad have a decent selection. Most rent per day for 5-6 US and up to 12 US per day at Hospital de Tables (best selection in one place). If you are new to surfing SunZal is an easy point break but can be crowded on weekends. Surf boards are allowed on all buses with no additional cost. Enter through the back door where the seats are removed.



You can eat the world famous cockteles de camaron (Shrimp Cocktails) and a lot of seafood. Pupusas seem to be a staple food for travelers 3 for a dollar is hard to beat. These are sold just about everywhere in Libertad and all along the highway. The local comedors along the Highway and in town also sell large plates of tipico for 2-4US, well worth the splurge. There is a selection of higher priced gourmet restaurants dotted throughout the area also.

  • Letras Café. A bohemian style café with gourmet-bistro style food in Antiguo Cuscatlán. Additionally there are weekly artistic performances ranging from live music, theater, art exhibitions, and culinary expositions.


The neighboring town of El Tunco has most of the bars frequented by travelers and local surfers. Beer starts at a dollar in most places. Watch for event parties in Libertad on the weekends at the pavilion near the beach.


There are many options along the coast ranging from 5US to 50US per night.

  • 1 Sunzal Point Surf Lodge & Retreat, Calle a playa sunzal (off Hwy 2 in El Sunzal), ☏ +503 23896070. friendly English speaking owners and a good kitchen with large refrigerator. One Private double available, big, with shower(more to come). Get to know the locals by talking with the gardener and the friendly neighbors. Also ask about painting/writing just about anything you want on the walls. Or get a Foosball tournament going on the full sized table upstairs. Beer/water $1, Soda/Juice $.50 available. (updated Aug 2020)
  • 2 Surfers Inn. sits just above El Hostel and offers private rooms for about the same price. (updated Aug 2020)
  • Hammock Plantation (hostel), Playa El Parmarcito. Outgoing hosts, can order breakfast lunch or dinner for about $3, pool, hammocks, wifi, beach access. $30. (updated Aug 2020)
  • 3 Tunco Lodge, ☏ +503 25561240. Swimming pool, pool table, clean beds. Pupuseria short walk away. $18. (updated Aug 2020)
  • Papaya Lodge (next door to Tunco Lodge), ☏ +503 23896027. Swimming pool, breakfasts can be purchased and surfboards rented, airport transfers. $24. (updated Aug 2020)
  • Kali Hostel is also in this area with beds for about 125 Colons.
  • 4 Hotel Casa de Mar, ☏ +503 78569009. Offers guests direct beach front access to perfect waves. Each room overlooks the ocean, as do the swimming pool, bar and hilltop restaurant. $130. (updated Aug 2020)
  • 5 Eco de Mar. restaurant/bar, pool, wifi, transfers to airport. starting at $44 with fan; $55 with a/c. (updated Aug 2020)

Stay safe

Staying safe in the city is very important. As many other cities in El Salvador La Libertad is highly populated but unlike San Salvador it has a lower crime rate. Common sense rules apply as in most places:

  • Don't wear expensive jewelry.
  • Don't hang out in places where it looks abandoned.
  • If you rent a car don't rent a luxurious car.

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