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Voiron is in a city in Isère, France.


Voiron is a small city of 20 248 inhabitants (2018) in Isère, a French department. The city is at the foot of the Chartreuse, a moutain chain in Alps, so that is convenient to the wintersports. Voiron was famous in 19th century, for his stationery and textile industry; Today, Voiron has a lot of very famous brands, like, a wintersports brand, or Antésite sirups, very famous in France. The city is also famous for the, an old monastery always active composed of alcoholics monks who are making a famous liquor, the Chartreuse , and a few others trademarks.

Get in

You can arrive in Voiron in plane, to Grenoble Airport, by train, bus, car, bicycle, moto, walk etc

Get around

To move in Voiron, you of course use your feet, but also the municipals buses, the taxis, Uber, your car, moto, bicycle, etc.


A very great activity in this city is the visit of the Caves de Chartreuse. Located in the city center of the city, you can visit the old caves of the production of Chartreuse liquors. Therer also is a final degustations of all types of Chartreuse liquor, like the Chartreuse Verte or the Chartreuse Jaune, so is it worth it ! This old caves were originally the official production site of Chartreuse liquors, but it was moved in 2014 in an other place, more secure and outside the city, because the enormous amount of alcohol can explose.

There also is the Saint Bruno church, the principal church in Voiron, but the Voironnians themself call it The Cathedral, but that is wrong. For the little anecdote, in 2000, an enormous truck hit the church full force, because de street just in front of the church was very sloping and the brakes of the truck were broken. The accident made two deaths and six injured.

The last principal attraction to see is the Musée Mainssieux, a painting museum.


There is a lot of activities in Voiron, like the climb of the Vouise, a small mountain next to the city, and, at the top, the statue of Notre-Dame de la Vouise.

There also is the theater of the Grand-Angle, PassrL cinemas, a minigolf, a Laser Game and, for the readers, a media library.


There is a few places in Voiron where you can spend your money.

There is a local chocolate shop : La Chocolaterie Bonnat. The familial chocolatery is making chocolate and others sweets since the 19th century. Their chocolate is extremely great, the shop is enormous and it participate at the economy and the culture of Voiron.

There also is a few shops iof textile like official shop or Sergent-Major. Finally, there is a few libraries like La Librairie Nouvelle.





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