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Villa Vella Carlentini
Villa Vella Carlentini - dream vacation

Contrada San Leonardo Sottano sncCarlentini

Il Giardino del Sole
Il Giardino del Sole - dream vacation

Contrada Masseria San DemetrioCarlentini

Le Cinque Pietre
Le Cinque Pietre - dream vacation

Contrada S Giovannello s/n/cCarlentini

Tenuta di Roccadia
Tenuta di Roccadia - dream vacation

Contrada RoccadiaCarlentini

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Carlentini (Sicilian: Carruntini) is a town and comune in the Province of SyracuseSicily (Italy). It lies 45 km (28 mi) outside the provincial capital of Syracuse.

The city's name has its origins in the neighboring town of Lentini. In 1551, Vice-King Giovanni De Vega founded a new city in honour of Emperor Carlo V, naming it in Latin Carleontini, or Leontini of Carlo. In Italian, it became Carlentini, and in the various Sicilian dialects, Carrintini or Carruntini.

Among the churches in town are:

  • Chiesa Madre dedicated to the Immacolata Concezione
  • Santa Maria di Roccadia
  • San Sebastiano
  • Madonna delle Grazie

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