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Silva Suites
Silva Suites - dream vacation

Settlement KoutsodimouKryoneri

The Lake\'s House
The Lake\'s House - dream vacation

Eparchiaki Odos Messenikola-Filachti KoutsodimosKryoneri

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Kryoneri (Greek: Κρυονέρι meaning "cold water") may refer to numerous settlements in Greece:

  • Kryoneri, Achaea, a village in Achaea, part of the municipality Kalavryta
  • Kryoneri, a village in Aetolia-Acarnania, part of the municipal unit Chalkeia
  • Kryoneri, Attica, a community in East Attica
  • Kryoneri, Corinthia, a village in Corinthia, part of the municipality Sikyona
  • Kryoneri, Figaleia, a village in Elis, part of the municipality Figaleia
  • Kryoneri, Olympia, a village in Elis, part of the municipality Archaia Olympia
  • Kryoneri, Ioannina, a village in the Ioannina regional unit, part of the municipality Delvinaki
  • Kryoneri, Karditsa, a village in the Karditsa regional unit
  • Kryoneri, Kavala, a village in the Kavala regional unit, part of the municipal unit Filippoi
  • Kryoneri, Laconia, a village in Laconia, part of the municipality Oitylo
  • Kryoneri, Messenia, a village in Messenia, part of the municipality Aetos
  • Kryoneri, Rethymno, a village in the Rethymno regional unit, part of the municipality Kouloukonas
  • Kryoneri, Thesprotia, a village in Thesprotia, part of the municipality Filiates
  • Kryoneri, Thessaloniki, a village in the Thessaloniki regional unit, part of the municipality Sochos

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