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Eco Villa - Sinharaja
Eco Villa - Sinharaja - dream vacation

Temple Road, DeniyayaDeniyaya

Rest House Deniyaya
Rest House Deniyaya - dream vacation

Deniyaya, Sinharaja Rain Forest, Deniyaya

Mount Crest Inn Deniyaya
Mount Crest Inn Deniyaya - dream vacation

Viharahena Road , DeniyayaDeniyaya

Deniyaya National Motel
Deniyaya National Motel - dream vacation

deniyaya National motel, main street. deniyaya Deniyaya

Rainforest Eco Lodge
Rainforest Eco Lodge - dream vacation

Enselwatte Tea Estate DeiyayaDeniyaya

Sinharaja Forest Edge
Sinharaja Forest Edge - dream vacation

Mederipitiya, DeniyayaDeniyaya

Rain Forest Eco Lodge
Rain Forest Eco Lodge - dream vacation

Enselwatte, Viharahena, Sinharaja Rainforest, DeniyayaDeniyaya

Holiday home Akkara Dahaya Bungalow
Holiday home Akkara Dahaya Bungalow - dream vacation

Akkara Dahaya tea estate, Kiriweldola Road, DeniyayaDeniyaya

Rain Forest View Villas
Rain Forest View Villas - dream vacation

Mediripiya, Deniyaya, Matara Deniyaya

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Deniyaya is a small town located towards the south of Sri Lanka. It is located in Matara District of the Southern Province. It is surrounded by the Sinharaja rainforest, and the climate is relatively cool. The main source of income is tea cultivation, however people also engage in vegetable cultivation. The village also has many historic temples such as the Gatabaruwa Devalaya.

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