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Jezersko is in Central Slovenia.


Jezersko is an old municipality with two main settlements (Spodnje Jezersko and Zgornje Jezersko, the latter of which is the interesting one for visitors). It is located in a valley with one of the traditional three Alpine passes between Carinthia and Slovenia.

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  • 1 Jenkova kasarna, Zgornje Jezersko 140, ☏ +386 4 25411 53. Formerly built about five houndred years ago as an additional (particularly high and large) house to host travelers, this building now serves as ethnographic museum. (updated Aug 2019)

  • Some of the traditional farms, such as
    • 2 Šenkova domačija, Zgornje Jezersko 140 (coming from the main settlement of Zgornje Jezersko, take the road towards the pass (up the mountains); just behind St. Andrews church, turn right and drive into the alley (the left of the two roads))). A traditional farm, now renovated and operated as touristic farm. (updated Aug 2019)


  • Enjoy 1 Planšarsko jezero
  • Hike, for example to
    • 2 Češka koča (Czech hut), Zgornje Jezersko 153, ☏ +386 40 206 057, ceskakoca.si@gmail.com. A mountain hut which is operated all days in summer, on nice weather weekends during spring and fall. If offers magnificient views to the higher mountains, especially attractive in early morning and in the evening. (updated Aug 2019)






  • Vila Planika. (updated Aug 2019)


  • Šenkova domačija, Zgornje Jezersko 140, ☏ +386 31 777 188, polona.karnicar@siol.net. Located at the uppermost part of the plains in the valley, this camp is at the area of an old, traditional and nicely renovated farm house, now being a tourist farm, near St. Andrews church and gives you a very nice view of the mountains around. (updated Aug 2019)
  • Cvet gora, Zgornje Jezersko 124. (updated Aug 2019)
  • Stara pošta. (updated Aug 2019)

Mointain huts

  • 1 Češka koča (Czech hut), Zgornje Jezersko 153, ☏ +386 40 206 057, ceskakoca.si@gmail.com. Mountain hut (see do entry), which has 33 sleeping places of the very basic style (no beds, rather a shared space you can use) and can host up to 8 people sleeping in a "winter room" (it is not operated during winter, just a refuge. (updated Aug 2019)


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  • Kranj – one of the former three main cities of historic Slovenian Carniola, featuring a nice old town
  • Ljubljana – Slovenia's capital, a nice and vibrant city
  • You can also take the (lengthy) mountain pass to go to the Austrian Carinthia.

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