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Brezovica is a skiing settlement in the Sharr Mountain National Park.


Brezovica is the first destination for turists who love skiing, hiking, or resting in a cold winter day. The ski resort area is ideally situated on the north and northwest-facing slopes of the Sharr Mountains National Park and in the drainage basin of the Lepenac River.

The ridge line spans 39,000 hectares of high alpine mountain terrain and forests, with a highly diverse and abundant flora and fauna.

Located within 90 minutes of two international airports, the Brezovica resort area represents one of the last remaining under-developed ski resort areas in Southeast Europe.

It has a lot of monuments like The parish church in Brezovica pri Ljubljani is dedicated to Saint Anthony the Great. A church at the site was first mentioned in written sources in 1526.

The municipality covers an area of 220 km² (85 sq mi), including the town of Kaçanik and 31 villages.

Get in

By bus

You can take the bus from Pristina, Prizren or Ferizaj.[1][2]

To go from airport to Brezovica you can take a taxi or you can take the bus to go to Pristina. Afterward, you can take the bus from Pristina to Brezovica.


Places to visit in Brezovica:

  • Luboteni Mountain. Mountains.
  • Leshok Monastery. Points of Interest & Landmarks.
  • Monastery of the Holy Archangels. Historic Sites.
  • Holy Archangels Monastery. Religious Sites.
  • The Village - Shopping & Fun. Shopping Malls.
  • Emin Pasa Camii (Emin Pasha Mosque).


  • Hiking (Kosovo Tourist Guides Association), ☏ +38349372639, guidesinkosovo@gmail.com. Hiking can be done on your own. If you however wish to engage a local guide, GuideKS is the umbrella organization of tourist guides in Kosovo. They will put you in touch with a local guide suitable for your activity. (updated May 2022)


Local gastronomy includes:

  • various lamb dishes
  • yoghurt,
  • flija and
  • toplija pies, as well as different types of cheese.

Some ethnic restaurants serve succulent stuffed peppers, zucchini and tomatoes in summertime, which are best eaten with a steaming hot pogaqe that is traditional bread of Kosovo and a shot of rakija brandy.


Brezovica offers a lot of:

  • freshly brewed coffees,
  • regular or herbal teas,
  • alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails,
  • domestic and imported beers,
  • hot chocolate, etc


Accommodation on offer ranges from luxurious to basic with a good choice of hotels in between.

  • Brezovica Hotel & Spa: E-mail:info@brezovicahotel.com ☏+383 (0) 49 301 030
  • Brezovica Hotel & Spa, Rruga e Brezovicës, Shtërpcë, Kosovo. A five star hotel with fully completed conditions.
    Pine Hotel & Spa: ☏ Tel: +383 45 564 656, Adress: Rruga e Brezovicës, Shtërpcë 73000

Go next

  • Prizren, on the banks of the Bistrica river and on the slopes of the Šar Mountains (Albanian: Malet e Sharrit) in southern Kosovo. The municipality has a border with Albania and North Macedonia.
  • Ferizaj, in the Ferizaj District of Kosovo. According to the 2011 census, the city has 42,628 inhabitants, while the municipality has 108,610 inhabitants.
  • Tetovo is a city in the northwestern part of North Macedonia, built on the foothills of Šar Mountain and divided by the Pena River.
  • Kacanik is a town and municipality located in the Ferizaj District of southern Kosovo. According to the 2011 census, the town of Kaçanik has 15,634 inhabitants, while the municipality has 33,409 inhabitants.

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