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Salvagnac is a town with a population of ca. 1200 in the Tarn region of southern France.



Salvagnac is a small medieval village on top of a hill. The history of Salvagnac dates back to the 13th century, when it was first mentioned in reports from 1211 when it was besieged by troops of Simon IV of Montfort during the crusade against the Cathars. Salvagnac was chosen as host town for a Benedictine priory at the initiative of Raymond of Toulouse in 1220. It remained under their influence until the Wars of Religion when Salvagnac was besieged once again. The fortified town fell in 1587 and was almost razed to the ground at the order of the Parliament of Toulouse, with the exception of the castle towers and a handful of houses. Most of the town was rebuilt later, and the majority of the architecture today dates from the 19th century. There are about 1,200 inhabitants. It is crossed by the Tescou, a small stream and the Tescounet, another small stream.

Modern Salvagnac is a laid-back town off the D999 departmental road, surrounded by vineyard-covered hills.


Salvagnac is in the north-west of the Tarn, 55 km from Toulouse, 45 km from Albi, and 35 km from Montauban. It has an elevation between 139 and 280 m.

Get in

By bus

Lio line 721 between Albi and Montauban runs through the Tescou valley. Get off at Sourigous.

By car, Taxi and carpooling

with the road D999, that connect Albi and Montauban.Or by the road D35

Get around

It's easy enough to get around by foot because walking and hiking is what people come to Salvagnac for! The elevation also allows for mountain biking, following the numerous valleys of the Tescou.

You can get around by bike, car or bus.


  • 1 Salvagnac Castle (Château de Salvagnac), Allée Jean Jaures (behind the Place de la Victoire). Seen from far away due to its strategic location on top of a hill in the centre of Salvagnac, this 15th century castle dominates the historic centre of town. It was expanded and modified several times, and in the 19th century the west facade was completely rebuilt and aligned with the entrances to underground cellars. The original moat was backfilled with rubble of the ramparts, because the castle had lost its strategic use by that time. Architecturally it has retained the horseshoe shape from early designs. The left wing, dated to the 19th century, has not been restored whereas the central and right wings from the 1720s are in a classic architectural style. The castle has been inscribed on the French national heritage list since 1980. (updated Mar 2021)
  • 2 Our Lady of the Assumption Church (Notre-Dame de l'Assomption), Place de l'Eglise. 14th century catholic church. (updated Mar 2021)
  • 3 St. Peter's Church (Eglise Saint-Pierre de Salvagnac). (updated Mar 2021)
  • 4 Saint-Angel mill (Moulin de Saint-Angel), Les Garrous. Historic wind mill and registered cultural monument since 1975 in the Saint-Angel suburb. Not to be confused with the nearby 5 Las Peyros windmill, which has a similar architecture. (updated Mar 2021)
  • 6 St. Cornell church of Saint-Angel (Eglise Sainte-Corneille de Saint-Angel). Roman Catholic church. (updated Mar 2021)


  • 1 Le Tescounet lake. Reservoir with dam, ideal for hikes. (updated Mar 2021)
  • Le salvagnacois, a hiking, is 23 km.
  • Local party in the last weekend of July, with fireworks.


  • 1 Vival, Rue Avenue Caraven Cachin, ☏ +33563338008. Convenience store run by a lovely elderly lady. (updated Mar 2021)
  • In salvgnac, we can buy at the bakery we have in pastry. We have a Vival and La pause fermière who sold eggs, ham, candies...


  • 1 La Guinguette de Salvagnac, Lac des Sourigous, ☏ +33563586984, ✉ christophe.fouet@gmail.com. Restaurant overlooking a small lake, with indoor and outdoor seating. €15 for a 3 course menu. (updated Mar 2021)
  • We can eat in Le relais des 2 valée. Le relais des 2 vallée is a restaurant and a bar. We can see a bakery next to the public place.Arond Salvagnac, we have La pause fermière next to the road D999. La pause fermière is a shop like Vival.


  • 1 Café Au Bord Du Monde, 12 Allée Jean Jaurès, ☏ +33 563551452. Cafe and snack bar. €12 for home made burgers and fries, vegetarian alternatives available. (updated Mar 2021)
  • We can drink in Le relais des 2 valée. Le relais des 2 vallée is a restaurant and a bar. We can see a bakery next to the public place.Arond Salvagnac, we have La pause fermière next to the road D999. La pause fermière is a shop like Vival.


  • 1 Hôtel Restaurant Le Relais des Deux Vallées, Grand Rue, ☏ +33563336190, ✉ contact@lerelaisdesdeuxvallees.fr. Hotel in the historic centre with 10 chambers, relatively old-fashioned. All rooms have double beds. €55-58. (updated Mar 2021)
  • 2 Chambres d'hôtes La Vigne et Le Blé, 22 Rue Gérard Roques, ☏ +33563332378. Guest rooms. (updated Mar 2021)
  • 3 Domaine Lagarrigue, 462 Saint-Martin, ☏ +33563572035, ✉ domaine.lagarrigue@orange.fr. Hotel and spa for couples. €130 for 2 including breakfast. (updated Mar 2021)

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