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Lagrave is a town in the Tarn region of southern France. At the heart of the thousand-year-old Gaillac vineyard, the village of Lagrave keeps a solid wine tradition. There, on the terraces of the left bank of the Tarn, the gravel soils, hence the name of the village, offer a favorite area for growing vines.


Lagrave is a French community located in the Tarn department, in the province of Occitanie. It has about 2,291 inhabitants, which are called the "Lagravois" and "Lagravoises" There aren't a lot of people living there, which makes Lagrave a really quiet place to live!

Get in

You can come by bus, by plane, by taxi from the airport, or even by train.

Get around

The bus 712 of the intermodal lines in Occitanie is connected to Albi and Gaillac, so you can travel through Lagrave, and even visit quikly Albi or Gaillac and then come back. If you are at Town Hall bus stop, you can take the bus at 06:36, 07:06, 12:30, 17:25, and 18:31. There are only two buses and their services are limited due of the number of the bus stops, so if you miss the two, you will not be able to go home without a taxi, or a car.


The nature won't be the only thing you will admire there. You can also visit the Church of Saint Mathieu, or even more, the Cathedral of Albi, one of the most interesting centres of Albi, classified as the most beautiful cathedral of the village.

  • Archaeological Site of Sainte-Sigolène: in the cemetery of Lagrave, indicating the presence of a monastery of nuns in the locality Troclar founded in the 7th century. Archaeological remains can be found the crypt, painted in the Romanesque period (11th century) where lay the body of the holy founder of the monastery, Sigolène. The Sainte-Sigolène archeocrypt, in the cultural centre, presents the results of archaeological excavations and the history of the municipality of Lagrave. Many items depicting the everyday life of the Middle Ages , they come from the excavation of the monastery village Troclar (7th - 12th century) are exhibited.
  • The protection of the natural heritage is ensured by the presence of a natural area of ​​ecological, faunistic and floristic interest (ZNIEFF) on the edge of the Tarn, the Roselière de la Condomine. La Roselière is a large natural water reservoir of 35 ha with various points of interest for the safeguard and protection of animal and plant species.


You can do a lot of things in Lagrave:

  • You can go fishing
  • Ride a bike
  • Go hiking, climbing
  • Hang out in parks, or go for a late walk and enjoy the nature and the many birds that are in Lagrave.


There are many things you can buy, from French wine to groceries, animals and engines. You can, if you like adventure, buy a house or an apartment. The highest price of a house is about €2088, and below average is €1071.

Eat and drink

A thing about French culture is that the food is good everywhere. You can find high quality baguettes at a very low price!

Here are the most reviewed restaurants in Lagrave:

  • "Ô saveurs d'Anton"
  • "La table de Marie"
  • "Le bistroquet"

Finding a restaurant in Lagrave is not that easy, and if you don't, just look across the street: There are many markets and shops that can give you what you are looking for!

In the morning, you can go to the bakery, and in the evening, you can share a pizza with friends, or go eat in restaurants (La Table De Marie and Bistroquet restaurant-bar). If you want to go on a picnic, you can go in skateparks in the summer.


There are five main types of accommodations that are popular, and in which you can stay for a low price, affordable for new people:

Hotels, furnished apartment, campsites, lodges and shelters. They all contain beds and are all comfortable, you just have to choose what you like the most!

Go next

If you finished visiting Lagrave and still want more, you can just visit the Cathedal Sainte-Cécile at Albi. It is one of the most remarkable cathedrals in France, due to its unique architecture.

It is located on a big hill, which adds more romance to it. If you've already seen it, you have to visit the museum of Toulouse Lauterec located in Albi, one the most visited museum of the region.

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