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Beechwood Church
Bellevue Baptist Church
Belview Heights Church of Christ
Berney Points Baptist Church
Berney Points Church of Christ
Bessemer Church of God
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Bethel Baptist Church
Bethel Baptist Church
Bethel Church
Bethel Church
Bethel Church of God
Bethlehem Baptist Church
Bethlehem Baptist Church
Bethlehem United Methodist Church
Beulah Baptist Church
Beulah Baptist Church
Beulah Baptist Church (historical)
Bivens Chapel
Black Creek Church
Blessed Assembly Church of God
Bluff Park United Methodist Church
Bold Spring Presbyterian Church
Boyles Baptist Church
Brashers Chapel Church
Briarwood Church
Broad Street Baptist Church
Brookhaven Methodist Church
Brooklane Church
Brown Memorial Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Browns Temple (historical)
Brvens Chapel
Bryant Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Bush Hills Baptist Church (historical)
Cahaba Church
Cahaba Valley Church
Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Church
Calvary Church
Calvary Church of God
Calvary Free Will Baptist Church
Canaan Baptist Church Number 2
Canterbury United Methodist Church
Center Point Baptist Church
Centercrest Church
Central Baptist Church
Central Church of Christ
Central Park Baptist Church
Central Park Presbyterian Church
Central Presbyterian Church (historical)
Chalkville Church
Chapel in the Pines Presbyterian Church
Christ Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Christian Love Spiritual Church
Christs Episcopal Church (historical)
Church of Christ
Church of Christ
Church of Christ
Church of God
Church of God
Church of God in Christ
Church of the Advent
Church of the Blessed Sacrement
Church of the Holy Cross
Church of the Nazarene
Church of the Open Door
Clayborn Chapel (historical)
Clear Springs Baptist Church (historical)
Clear Springs Church
Cluster Spring Church
Coalburg Church
Community Full Gospel Church
Community Primitive Baptist Church
Concord Baptist Church
Concord Highland Baptist Church
Corinth Church
Corinthian Baptist Church
Crestway Baptist Church
Crossroad Church

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There is more than one place called Birmingham

While the spelling is the same, the English town is properly pronounced with a silent h while the Alabama town has a spoken h.

United Kingdom

  • Birmingham (England), a city in the West Midlands of England.

United States of America

  • Birmingham (Alabama) - a city in Alabama.
  • Birmingham (Michigan) - a town in Michigan.

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