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San Vito Lo Capo

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Cala Azzurra
Cala Azzurra - dream vacation

Via dell\'Acqua 3San Vito Lo Capo

Bed And Breakfast Turi
Bed And Breakfast Turi - dream vacation

Viale C. Colombo 113San Vito Lo Capo

Casa Vacanza Azzurra
Casa Vacanza Azzurra - dream vacation

Strada Villaggio AzzurroSan Vito Lo Capo

Villa Sauci San Vito Lo Capo
Villa Sauci San Vito Lo Capo - dream vacation

Contrada Sauci San Vito Lo CapoSan Vito Lo Capo

Kristal - dream vacation

Via Monsignor Rinaldi 3San Vito Lo Capo

Residence Marinella
Residence Marinella - dream vacation

Piazza Marinella 28San Vito Lo Capo

Villa Pizzo Monaco
Villa Pizzo Monaco - dream vacation

Via del Secco 28San Vito Lo Capo

Boa Vista
Boa Vista - dream vacation

Via La PianaSan Vito Lo Capo

Baia Santa Margherita B&B
Baia Santa Margherita B&B - dream vacation

Via Don Bartolo 60San Vito Lo Capo

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San Vito Lo Capo (Sicilian: Santu Vitu) is a town and comune in North-Western Sicily, Italy, administratively part of the province of Trapani. The small town is located in a valley between mountains, and is home to a public beach that is destination of local vacationers. The town's primary industries are tourism and agriculture, particularly olive groves owned by small farmers.

The town's eastern border is provided by a small range of mountains, the northernmost of which is peaked by a large cross visible from the public beach below. The mountain is home to numerous caves, most of which are inaccessible without professional climbing gear. A cave, accessible by foot at the southern base of the mountain, was named "Caverna della Capra Guasto," or "Cave of the Dead Goat" by explorers Christian D'Angelo and William Spears.

To the south is the Riserva naturale dello Zingaro. Other sights include the sanctuary-fortress, the chapel of Santa Crescenzia, the historical lighthouse, several tonnaras and the Torre dell'Usciere, a coastal watchtower.

San Vito Lo Capo is a well-known rock climbing destination. Along the coast on the west side of San Vito lo Capo is a coastal cliff nearly 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) long featuring as many as 1600 bolted climbing routes.

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