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Abelene Church (historical)
Abilene Church
Adams Grove Church
Adas Yeshuron Synagogue
Advent Christian Church
Antioch Baptist Church
Augusta Baptist Church
Bartons Chapel
Bethany Chapel (historical)
Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
Bible Baptist School
Broad Street Baptist Church
Burns Memorial Church
Butlers Creek Church
Calvary Baptist Tabernacle
Carmel Baptist Church
Central Baptist Chapel (historical)
Central Baptist Church
Central Christian Church
Chalk Mine Memorial Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Christ Presbyterian Church
Christian Community Society Church
Church of Christ
Church of Christ
Church of Christ
Church of God
Church of God
Church of God
Church of God
Church of Sacred Heart
Church of the Atonement
Church of the Good Shepherd
Church of the Lord Jesus Christ
Church of the Lord Jesus Christ of the Apostolic Faith
Church of the Most Holy Trinity
Church of the Nazarene (historical)
Clarks Grove Church
Crawford Baptist Church
Crawford Baptist Church
Crestview Church
Cumming Grove Baptist Church
Curtis Baptist Church
Druid Park Gospel Church
Ebenezer Church
Elm Baptist Church
Faith Baptist Church
Fielding Springs Church
First Baptist Church of Augusta
First Christian Church
First Church of Christ Scientist
First Presbyterian Church
Fleming Church
Foursquare Gospel Church
Free Holiness Church (historical)
Friendship Baptist Church
Friendship Church
Galilee Baptist Church
Gardner Grove Church
Gethsemane Baptist Church
Good Hope Baptist Church
Good Samaritan Baptist Church
Gospel Watery Branch Church
Grace Chapel
Greater Mount Canaan Church
Green Grove Missionary Baptist Church
Greene Street Presbyterian Church
Hale Street Baptist Church
Harmony Baptist Church
Holiness Church
Hosannah Baptist Church
House of Prayer
Immaculate Conception Church
Jerusalem Baptist Church
Johnsons Grove Church
Lake Park Church
Lakemont Church
Lakeview Church
Liberty Baptist Church
Liberty Church

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There's more than one place called Augusta:


  • Augusta (Western Australia) - a town in Western Australia


  • Augusta (Italy) - a town in Sicily

United States of America

  • Augusta (Arkansas) - a town in Arkansas
  • Augusta (Georgia) - a town in Georgia
  • Augusta (Kansas) - a town in Kansas
  • Augusta (Kentucky) - a town in Kentucky
  • Augusta (Maine) - a town in Maine
  • Augusta (New York) - a town in New York
  • Augusta (Wisconsin) - a town in Wisconsin

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