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Phuaroon Guesthouse and Resort
Phuaroon Guesthouse and Resort - dream vacation

81/5 Khuhasuwan Rd. T.Thani A.MuangSukhothai

Legendha Sukhothai Resort
Legendha Sukhothai Resort - dream vacation

214 Moo 3 Muangkao MuangSukhothai

Le Sukhothai Resort
Le Sukhothai Resort - dream vacation

52/7 Loethai Street, ThaneeSukhothai

TR Guesthouse
TR Guesthouse - dream vacation

27/5 Pravet Nakorn Road, MuangSukhothai

Sukhothai Orchid Hotel
Sukhothai Orchid Hotel - dream vacation

43 Singhawat Road Thanea MuangSukhothai

Pa Thong Suk Guest House
Pa Thong Suk Guest House - dream vacation

111 Moo 1 T. Pak Kawe, A. MuangSukhothai

Happy Guesthouse Sukhothai
Happy Guesthouse Sukhothai - dream vacation

75/12-14 Loethai Rd., T.Thanee A.MuangSukhothai

Sukhothai Guest House
Sukhothai Guest House - dream vacation

68 Vicheanchumnong RoadSukhothai

Sriwilai Sukhothai
Sriwilai Sukhothai - dream vacation

214/4 Moo 2 Mueangkao Mueang SukhothaiSukhothai

Sky House Guest House
Sky House Guest House - dream vacation

58/1-7 Moo 12, Bypass Rd., A. MuangSukhothai


Sathani Anamai Dan Mae Kham Man
Sathani Anamai Tambon Chai Chumphon
Sathani Anamai Tambon Ban Khon
Sathani Anamai Ban Ko
Sathani Anamai Tambon Wang Daeng
Sathani Anamai Tambon Khoi Sung
Sathani Anamai Khlong Lamung
Sathani Anamai Ban Nam Rit
Sathani Anamai Si Phanom Mat
Sathani Anamai Wang Kaphi
Sathani Anamai Mae Phun
Sathani Anamai Tambon Phai Lom
Sathani Anamai Ban Dong Sa Kaeo
Sathani Anamai Tambon Pa Sao
Sathani Anamai Tambon Ban Dan Na Kham
Sathani Anamai Tambon Thung Yang
Sathani Anamai Tambon Tha It
Sathani Anamai Chai Khao
Sathani Anamai Tambon Tha Sao
Sathani Anamai Tambon Wang Daeng
Sathani Anamai Ban Pha Mup
Sathani Anamai Ban Huai Ha
Sathani Anamai Tambon Khorum
Sathani Anamai Ban Chalat Rakhang
Sathani Anamai Tambon Pong Daeng
Sathani Anamai Ban Khlong Dan
Sathani Anamai Tambon Si Phirom
Sathani Anamai Tambon Wang Won
Sathani Anamai Wang Madan
Sathani Anamai Ban Saliam Wan
Sathani Anamai Ban Mae Phu-Ho Rop
Sathani Anamai Ban Pang A
Sathani Anamai Tha Kwian
Sathani Anamai Mae Mok Klang
Sathani Anamai Kum Noeng
Sathani Anamai Tha Makwen
Sathani Anamai Nong Hoi
Sathani Anamai Ban Muang Kham
Sathani Anamai Ban Hai Yoi
Sathani Anamai Tambon Pa Sak
Sathani Anamai Tambon Wang Luek
Sathani Anamai Tambon Na Phun
Sathani Anamai Ban Nong Tao Pun
Sathani Anamai Tambon Wang Luek
Sathani Anamai Tambon Taling Chan
Sathani Anamai Tambon Krai Nai
Sathani Anamai Tambon Pak Khwae
Sathani Anamai Tambon Ban Kluai
Sathani Anamai Ban Phet Fai
Sathani Anamai Tambon Tan Tia
Sathani Anamai Tambon Ban Suan
Sunborikan Satharanasuk Thetsaban Mueang Sukhothai
Sathani Anamai Wang Takhro
Sathani Anamai Chaloem Phra Kiat Hok Sip Phansa
Sathani Anamai Tambon Wang Thong Daeng
Sathani Anamai Ban Nong Ta Chot
Sathani Anamai Ban Nong Muen Chai
Sathani Anamai Ban Saeng Sawang
Sathani Anamai Ban Sam Lang
Sathani Anamai Tambon Klang Dong
Sathani Anamai Tambon Thai Chana Suek
Sathani Anamai Ban Bueng Bon
Sathani Anamai Tambon Khao Kaeo Si Sombun
Sathani Anamai Ban Tha Wiset
Sathani Anamai Tambon Wang Nam Khao
Sathani Anamai Ban Khlong Saket
Sathani Anamai Tambon Ban Dan
Sathani Anamai Tambon Nong Bua
Sathani Anamai Nong Khum
Sathani Anamai Tambon Nakhon Doet
Sathani Anamai Ban Nong Haen
Sathani Anamai Ban Saen To
Sathani Anamai Tambon Thachai
Sathani Anamai Tambon Yan Yao
Sathani Anamai Tambon Pa Kum Ko
Sathani Anamai Tambon Na Thung
Sathani Anamai Tambon Sarachit
Sathani Anamai Tambon Ban Kaeng
Sathani Anamai Pak Khayang
Sathani Anamai Tambon Mae Sin
Sathani Anamai Tambon Pa Ngio
Sathani Anamai Ban Dong Ya Pa
Sathani Anamai Ban Thung Phlo
Sathani Anamai Tambon Ban Tuek
Sathani Anamai Ban Huai Po
Sathani Anamai Ban Pa Kha
Sathani Anamai Ban Pang Sa
Sathani Anamai Ban Satho
Sathani Anamai Ban Saphan Yao
Sathani Anamai Tambon Mae Sam
Sathani Anamai Ban Sam Ruean
Sathani Anamai Ban Wong Khong
Sathani Anamai Tambon Ko Ta Liang
Sathani Anamai Ban Tawet Nok

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Sukhothai (สุโขทัย) is a small city (population 35,713) in Lower Northern Thailand, 427 kilometres north of Bangkok. Its attraction lies in the ruins of the ancient city Sukhothai, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The name translates as "the dawn of happiness".



Ancient Sukhothai was the first capital of the Sukhothai Kingdom, a long arc of territory that ran through what is today's Laos and western Thailand as far as the Malay states. The kingdom was established in 1238 by Phokhun Si Intharathit, the founder of the Phra Ruang dynasty. It was the state that eventually had the greatest influence on the later Siamese and Thai kingdoms. Traditional Thai history has it that Ramkhamhaeng the Great, the third ruler of the Phra Ruang dynasty, developed the capital at Sukhothai. He is also venerated as being the inventor of the Thai alphabet and being an all-round role model for Thailand's politics, monarchy, and religion.


The province's temples and monuments have been restored and the UNESCO-listed Sukhothai Historical Park covers a wide area with numerous sites. Other interesting places include Ramkhamhaeng National Museum, Ramkhamhaeng National Park, Sri Satchanalai National Park, and The Royal Palace and Wat Mahathat.


While enjoyable all year, Sukhothai is most comfortable during the cooler weather of Nov-Feb.

Get in

By plane

Bangkok Airways has daily flights from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) to Sukhothai Airport (THS), which then continue on to Lampang (LPT). Fares from/to Bangkok start from 1,700 baht (1 hour 20 minutes), from/to Lampang: from 1,100 baht (around 40 minutes).

Air Asia has daily flights from Bangkok Don Mueang Airport (DMK) to Phitsanulok airport (PHS). You can book a combined ticket with Air Asia to travel From:DMK To:Sukhothai. This consists of the flight (1 hour), transfer to ground transport (30 minutes) then the road trip Tharaburi Resort in Sukhothai (1 hour 40 minutes).

By train

Take the (express) train (7 hr from Bangkok or Chiang Mai) to Phitsanulok and go by bus from there (1 hour). A tuk-tuk to the bus station costs 60 baht.

By bus

Sukhothai only has a small bus station, but the old and new city can be easily reached from all points. The bus station is out of town and should cost you 50-60 baht to get into town by tuk-tuk (40 mototaxi). From the new city bus station it costs 15 baht via the local shuttle to reach the new city center.

From Bangkok

There are direct buses from Bangkok Mo Chit Terminal and takes 7 hr, including some stops at bus terminals of major cities on the way.

At Mo Chit Wintour Travel charges 326 baht per person for a first class air-con bus. It takes about 6 hr.

From Chiang Mai

Buses from the main bus terminal take about 4 hours. The cheaper 2nd class buses make many stops and take about 5 hours and a half (Wintour: 195 baht as of May 2017).

From Mae Sot

Minibuses run regularly from the station behind the market. The journey takes about 3 hours, passing through Tak on the way. 130 baht.

From Phitsanulok

Buses operate approximately every 45 minutes from the main bus terminal until approximately 18:00 and take about 1 hour for the 58 km trip. These are often crowded so be waiting early for the bus if you'd like to get a seat. 43 baht.

If you're feeling rich you can get a tuk-tuk directly which costs 1,000 baht from the train station (one of the fixed prices posted on a sign in front of the station).

Get around

It's an easy 15-minute walk from the bus station into New Sukothai town along a dirt path in front of the bus station (although the tuk tuk drivers will tell you that it is not possible to walk). To find it, exit the front of the station and walk straight (west) for a few meters until you reach the shops in front of the station. There will be a dirt path leading off to your left (south) that passes by some fields and houses. Follow the path about 500 meters and you will hit a concrete road; continue straight along this road for another 500 meters (you will pass "No. 4 Guesthouse") and you will hit Jarodvithi Thong (Charodwithitong), the main street with many guesthouses, from where you can catch the blue songthaew to Old Sukhothai.

Purple #1 songthaews travel to and from the bus station, which is about 3km out of town. They run the length of Charodwithitong Rd. The fare is 10 baht.

The large blue songthaews to Old Sukhothai leave from a bus stop on Charodwithitong Rd, about 100m west of the bridge(50m west from 7-eleven). It stops about 750m from the entrance to the central zone of the historic park. Fare is 20 baht. Drivers often ask 30 baht from foreigners, but if you insist or start to walk away they should agree for 20 baht.

There are also tuk-tuks, which will try to get 600 baht out of you for a trip to the Old City (main ruins) some 15 km out of town. The correct price is 300 baht and this is for at least a couple of hours. When you have seen the part you are at and want to move further in the same area, the driver takes you there. 600 baht is a fair price for a full day.

Scooters can be rented from Chopper on Prewet Nahkon Alley, just behind Bar 64000 on the main road through New Sukhothai. The bikes are pretty new and well maintained. Rates are 60 bht for 1hr. 250 bht for the day (return at 8:30pm). 300 bht for 24hrs


Sukhothai Historical Park

14 km to the Way of New Sukhothai. Open from 6:00 to 18:00. Every zone has an entrance fee. Admission to each of the zones is 100 baht for Westerners, and 20 baht for Thais plus extra for vehicles, including bicycles (10 baht). A combined ticket (still found in most travel guides) does not exist any more.

This was the capital of the Sukhothai Kingdom from 1238 to 1438 and contains many ruins from that period. Its importance has been internationally recognised and it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The old city is a popular tourist attraction, and the site has seen much restoration since the 1960s. It is well maintained, exceptionally clean and well furnished with vendors, though with only a minimum of touts. The heavy restoration is worth noting, since with some ruins and Buddha figures it can lead to a feeling that it is a little over-sanitised, especially in the central zone. The other zones are much less "restored" and trips down unmarked tracks can lead to ruins in their untouched state.

The best way to see the ruins in the Sukhothai National Historic Park is by bicycle. These can be rented from a shop opposite from the main park entrance. It is feasible to walk around the central and northern zones in 6 hours or so. There is also a 40-baht guided tour by electric tram available.

The best time to see the ruins is mornings when it's a little cooler and before the buses arrive, at noon when they have lunch, or after 16:00.

The whole site covers an area of approximately 70 square kilometres (~27 square miles) and is divided into multiple zones. The central zone contains the majority of the ruins and a museum. Maps are free at the ticket office.

  • 1 Central Zone. It contains 11 ruins in 3 square kilometres, interspersed with moats, lakes and bridges to some island-bound ruins. Mat Mahathat is one of the most spectacular, with a large seated Buddha figure set amid the pillars of a now-ruined sala, and a central chedi flanked by two standing Buddha figures. Wat Sra Sri also has a large chedi and Buddha figure, but is reached by a bridge to the island. There are some nice views from the other side of the lake.
  • 2 West zone. The West zone is a hilly and forested area that contains over a dozen little visited monuments. The area is located West of the walled old town between the road to Tak (Route 12) and the road through the Or gate in the ancient Western city wall. Spread out over an area of several kilometers, it contains mostly small monuments in the forest and on hill tops, most of them a single stupa or other structure. In the days of the Sukhothai empire the area was known as Aranyika. Monks studied the Tripitaka and practised meditation in forest temples. An ancient stone inscription mentions that Ramkhamhaeng, the third King of Sukhothai, visited the area regularly to pay his respects to a Buddha image, believed to be the standing Buddha image of the Wat Saphan Hin.
  • 3 North zone. Wat Phra Phai Luang contains the remains of a number of buildings plus a large prang with stucco reliefs. More impressive is Wat Sri Chum, which contains a massive seated Buddha figure peering through an opening in its enclosure. Look for a stairway on the left as you enter the enclosure; it leads up and behind the Buddha image, though the passage is not always open. Only if you want to have a close look for Wat Phra Phai Luang you need to pay.


  • Rent a bike and explore the ruins of Old Sukhothai (walking will kill you). Several rental shops, price range: 10-50 baht per day.
  • Visit the park at sunrise and admire the Buddha figures in the orange glow of the morning sun.
  • Pay a visit to the ruins at Si Satchanalai Historic Park, 55km from New Sukhothai. Few tourists, great sites, quiet. Bike rental at entrance.
  • Rent a motorbike in New Sukhothai and soak up the local lifestyle


  • A Buddha figure (Sukhothai Historical Park). Available in all historic styles, sizes, and materials. It's forbidden to export Buddha figures from Thailand, even though it is commonly done.
  • Thongchai Wittayu (Electronics) (New Sukhothai). A large electronics shop with good prices for digital cameras, memory cards, MP3s, etc.


  • Walk around the fresh market (In new Sukhothai) in the early morning and try the tastes of many kinds of local food Sukhothai people like, e.g., sticky rice with deep fried pork, sweet deep fried beef, or spicy pork salad wrapped with the banana leaf.
  • Have Sukhothai noodles - It's a must!

New Sukothai

  • 1 Chopper Bar, Pravetnakorn Rd. A rooftop restaurant and bar with good service, live acoustic guitar music, and Thai and Western menus. From 70 baht for main course (2017).
  • 2 Dream Café, 86/1 Singhawat Rd (Downtown New Sukhothai), ☎ +66 55 612801. In a charming rustic old Thai house, serves up a good selection of Thai and Western dishes. Attentive service, eclectic music, and charming decor. There is also a small guesthouse at the back. Chat with the owner Chabah if she's there. She is a genuine renaissance woman, Thai-style.
  • 3 Fueng Fah, 107/2 Th Khuhasuwan. Mainly serves dinner. Also a drinking spot where you can enjoy sipping beer by the Yom River. The food is called "fish food". Sukhothai local fish (bla) dishes. From 50 baht.
  • 4 Ban Kru Eiw, 203/25 Wichien Chamnong Rd (New Sukhothai). One of Sukhothai's noodle restaurants. Not only Sukhothai noodles, but also Sukhothai-style pad Thai, Vietnamese food, desserts, etc. The restaurant is only open in the daytime which mainly serves for brunch and lunch.
  • 5 Poo Restaurant, Jarod Withitong Rd. This is a Belgian-run restaurant offering Thai and Western food and a wide selection of cocktails. From 50-60 baht for main courses.
  • 6 Sukhothai Night Market, Th Ramkhamhaeng. Varieties of local food stalls. The night market is called "to-rung". It encompasses the food stalls along the Rachathani temple's fence. From 30 baht.




  • 1 No name Thai Guesthouse, 25/4 Rach-U-Thid Rd (Located 1 block after TMB (Thai Military Bank) in market area. Look for sign "LAUNDRY" and "Thai Massage by old person"), ☎ +66 89-2627251. Just old house with shared bathroom. Concession rate applied for long-stayers. Handy access to market, banks, conves, net-cafe. Free to use utensils and hot water. Always-helpful-manager is also a certified Thai Massage 150-200 baht (2017).
  • 2 No 4 Guesthouse, 140/4 Soi Maerampan, Jarodwitheethong Rd (A 500m walk from the bus station. Look for the signs), ☎ +66 55 610165. Thai style garden bungalows with private bath and veranda with daybed. Has a restaurant; cooking classes and massage available. 300 baht.
  • 3 4T Guesthouse, 122/7 Soi.Maeramphan (Close to the bus station and No4 Guesthouse). Large bungalows with Fan or A/C. Has a large pool and a restaurant 300-400 baht (2017).
  • 4 Baan Thai, Pravetnakorn Rd. This is a typical guesthouse, with a restaurant and a number of rooms available. Rooms contain a fan and share a bathroom, with hot water available. 300 baht.
  • 5 Gardenhouse, ☎ +66 55 611395, +66 81 5968624. A selection of rooms and bungalows. Free Wi-Fi. 150-350 baht.
  • 6 Happy Guest House. Simple, uninspiring guest House a bit a way from the bussy main road. Staff is friendly but tries to sell. Bargain hard to get a reasonable price! Free wifi and computer access. Some travelers report that the owner wasn't clear about charges per night and they felt they were overcharged 250-350 baht (2017).
  • 7 Le Sukhothai Resort, 52/7 Loethai Street (Near the backpacker area and behind 7-Eleven.), ☎ +66 81 8886378. A nice place to stay. Clean rooms with free Wi-Fi. There is a big difference between rooms. Take some time to check and bargain the price. You also get two Singha (500 ml) water bottles per day and dodgy bicycles to choose from for free. Plus they run a nice homey restaurant with OK prices. The staff are friendly and attentive. 200+ baht.
  • 8 New City Guesthouse, 82/7 Moo 13, Charodwithithong Rd (Next to House Sabaidee. There are signs all way from the bus station to town). Clean rooms with big bed, fan and private bathroom with hot shower. Run by a Thai- and English-speaking Japanese woman and her tuk-tuk-driving Thai husband. 180+ baht.
  • 9 Sila Resort, 3/49 Moo 1 Wat Khooha Suwan Rd (Near the bus station. Free pickup). Very welcoming and efficient young staff. Rooms are nicely decorated, the bungalows are very nice too. Rooms have fan or air-con and shared or en suite bath. 200+ baht.
  • 10 TR Guest House, ☎ +66 55 611663. Family-run guesthouse. Rooms with fan and air-con and bungalows with fan. All with private shower and toilet. Free Wi-Fi. Motorbikes for rent. Advice on touring the old and new city. Good for the price. 250-450 baht.
  • Yupa, Pravetnakorn Rd. This is a teak house with a small number of basic rooms and some dorm beds. With fans, cold water and shared bathrooms, these are a good value. 120+ baht.


  • At Home Guesthouse (In front of Sukhothai Guesthouse). Very friendly staff, good information and free maps, very clean rooms with private bathrooms. Wi-Fi in all rooms. Small restaurant. Tuk-tuk price from bus station: 40 baht (day), 100 baht (night). The owner organises great trips around town. Wide selection of maps, guides and travel info at your disposal. 450 to 650 baht.
  • Lotus Village, 170 Ratchathanee St, ☎ +66 55 621 484. A cosy boutique hotel in the heart of town. All rooms are in Thai-style teak houses with verandas, surrounded by fish ponds, lotus flowers and beautiful tropical gardens. The lobby is an excellent place to relax and read a large selection of magazines, books and newspapers. Other services include local transport, travel bookings, cars with driver, and guides in French and English.
  • Mountain View Guesthouse, 23/3 Moo 8, ☎ +66 55 601111. Guesthouse with 6 rooms and swimming pool. Breakfast included. Owners very helpful and will take you to and from the historical park, which is 4km away.
  • Orchid Hibiscus Guesthouse, 407/2,Old City Sukhothai, ☎ +66 55 633284. A small guesthouse with clean rooms, a swimming pool, and Italian/Thai owners. It is within biking distance to the old city, but there are only two restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. The owner is well-versed in English and is very helpful. There is Wi-Fi, breakfast and a garden.
  • Ruean Thai Hotel, 181/20 Soi Pracharuammit, Jarodwithithong Rd, ☎ +66 55 612444, fax: +66 55 612456, e-mail: ruean_thai_hotel@yahoo.com. A big Thai house with a nice swimming pool in the city. Helpful staff.
  • Hotel Sawasdipong, 56/2-5 Singhawat Rd, City Central (A 50 baht tuk-tuk ride from the bus station), ☎ +66 55 611567. Rooms are air-con with TV and bar fridge. Has a restaurant and there are others within walking distance including street stalls. 390 baht (room only), 500 baht (including Western breakfast).
  • Sukhothai Guest House, 68 Wicheanchumnong Rd, ☎ +66 55 610453. A family guesthouse with clean rooms, beautiful decorated garden. You can relax in front of the room on a teak terrace. The Panang curry is a highlight of the restaurant.
  • Thai Thai Sukhothai Guest House, 407/4 Moo 3 Napho-Khirimas Rd, Old City Sukhothai (Behind the Orchid Hibiscus), ☎ +66 84 9321006. Beautiful bungalow-style guesthouse. Each bungalow is air conditioned and has a small terrace and garden view. Reception lends bicycles (50 baht/day), so everywhere you need is only a 5-min ride away. Massage in your room possible. 1,000 baht+ with breakfast..
  • 11 Sawasdee Sukhothai Resort (1.5 km away from Sukhothai Historical Park), ☎ +66-88-559-9089, e-mail: sawasdee.sukhothai@gmail.com. Check-in: 2PM, check-out: 12PM noon. 3-star eco-friendly hotel. 15 bungalows, all featuring a comfy bed, hardwood floors, private bathroom with hot water, AC, TV, fridge, kettle, desk, terrace. Free Wi-Fi accessible from the whole property, 24-hour security, friendly staff members, with the front desk ones speaking an excellent English. Free buffet breakfast 7AM-10AM. Extra services such as free cookies & tea/coffee all day long, umbrellas provided when it rains. Bicycle rental possible. Snack bar. Plenty of restaurants around. Swimming pool 9AM-9PM. English landscape garden with benches, hammocks, wooden games for adults and kids. Low season: starting at ฿1200, ฿1600 for pool/garden view.


Go next

  • Bangkok Despite two large signs detailling​ explicitly the bus schedule with class and prices, 3 different bus compagnies (WinTour, Transport and another one) explained us that no 2nd class buses are running anymore. Only 1st class and VIP buses. They claimed that the sign was wrong, then that it was old, until finally somebody said that ALL the 2nd class buses are broken down! It seems tourists are now charged first class prices (310 baht) vs economy class (240 bath) - at least I did. Each companies have buses running every hour. The ride takes 7-8h depending on the traffic and stop multiple times until Mo Chit 2 (Chatuchak) in Bangkok.
  • Chiang Mai For 230bht from the bus station you can take a bus. First in the morning is 6h30.
  • Ayutthaya there are government buses at 13h, 15h and 18h

Ancient Sukhothai: Thailand's Cultural Heritage

Dawn Rooney

A journey to the early kingdom of Sukothai and explores the remains and cultural heritage of this sacred site.

Thailand: Guide to the Temples of Bangkok, Sukhothai & Ayutthaya (2017 Travel Guide)

Approach Guides

RECENTLY UPDATED FOR 2017! With nearly 200 high-resolution images, maps and detailed site profiles, this is the definitive travel guide to Thailand and its temples in Bangkok, Ayutthaya and Sukhothai.The temples of Thailand — overflowing with golden Buddhas, soaring spires and glistening surfaces of infinite complexity — stir the spirit, inviting contemplation and wonder. This Approach Guide reveals the country’s best art and architecture from its three great historical capitals: Sukhothai (1238-1368), Ayutthaya (1350-1767), and Bangkok (1782-present). It is yours to discover.What’s in this guidebook* Art and architecture review. We provide an overview of Thai art and architecture, isolating trademark features that you will see again and again while touring. To make things come alive, we have packed our review with high-resolution images.* Tour of the highlights. Following our tradition of being the most valuable resource for culture-focused travelers, we offer a tour of Sukhothai, Ayutthaya and Bangkok’s greatest Buddhist monuments (itinerary below). For each, we reveal its most important architectural and decorative features and offer a discussion that ties it all together.* Advice for getting the best cultural experience. To help you plan your visit, this guidebook offers logistical advice, maps and links to online resources. Plus, we give our personal tips for getting the most from your experience while on location.* Information the way you like it. As with all of our guides, this book is optimized for intuitive, quick navigation; information is organized into bullet points to make absorption easy; and images are marked up with text that explains important features.* NEW! Customers can now print this guidebook with our new PDF-on-Demand service. See the final chapter in the book for details.TOUR ITINERARYTo help with prioritization, must-see temple sites in each city are marked with asterisks (*).Sukhothai: Wat Chang Lom, Wat Chedi Si Hong, Wat Chetuphon, Wat Mahathat*, Wat Phra Phai Luang, Wat Sa Si, Wat Saphan Hin, Wat Si Sawai*, Wat Si Chum*, Wat Trapang Ngoen, Wat Trapang Thong Lang.Si Satchanalai (Sukhothai daytrip): Wat Chedi Cha ng Lom*, Wat Chedi Chet Thaew*, Wat Khao Phanom Phloeng, Wat Khao Suwan Khiri, Wat Nang Phaya.Ayutthaya: Wat Chai Watthanaram, Wat Mahathat*, Wat Maheyong*, Wat Na Phra Men*, Wat Phu Khao Thong, Wat Phutthaisawan, Wat Ratchaburana*, Wat Si Sanphet*, Wat Suwandararam*, Wat Yai Chai Mongkon.Bangkok: Buddhaisawan chapel*, Wat Arun*, Wat Benchamabophit, Wat Bowornivet, Wat Khrua Wan*, Wat Pho aka Chetuphon*, Wat Phra Kaeo*, Wat Suthat,* Wat Suwannaram*.ABOUT APPROACH GUIDESTravel guidebooks for the ultra curious, Approach Guides reveal a destination’s essence by exploring a compelling aspect of its cultural heritage: art, architecture, history, food, or wine.PRAISE FOR APPROACH GUIDES Compulsive (and compulsively informed) travelers, the Raezers are the masterminds behind the downloadable Approach Guides, which are filled with a university course-worth of history and insights for 62 destinations worldwide. WHY WE LOVE IT: The Raezers share our desire for deep, well-researched information on the wonders of the world. - Travel + LeisureWhat started as one couple's travel notes aimed at filling in the gaps in guidebooks has become ApproachGuides.com - a menu of downloadable travel guides that cover cultural and historical topics of interest to thoughtful travelers. What's hot: Bite-sized travel guides that specialize in topics ranging from 29 pages on the foods of Italy to one that helps you explore the historical and architectural significance of Angkor's famous temple structures in Cambodia.- L.A. Times


Thailand Government

Sukhothai is located on the lower edge of the northern region, with the provincial capital situated some 450 kilometers north of Bangkok and some 350 kilometers south of Chiang Mai. The province covers 6,596 square kilometers and is above all noted as the center of the old Thai kingdom of Sukhothai, with major historical remains at Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai. Its main natural attraction is Khao Luang mountain park. The provincial capital, sometimes called New Sukhothai, is a small town lying on the Yom River whose main business is serving tourists who visit the nearby Sukhothai Historical Park.

An Illustrated History of Thailand

John Hoskin

This fully illustrated history is divided geographically according to the sequence of succeeding Thai kingdoms. Each section follows a historical chronology, covering accounts of major events during each reign, with an assessment of the character of individual kings and their particular achievements, together with those of other major players. This record of events is blended with descriptive passages about monuments surviving today that are relevant to and help illuminate the history. Political development is thus paralleled by Thailand’s cultural development, especially in relation to the religious and royal architecture.

Thailand’s historical progression has been complex, and although the foundations of national identity – religion and monarchy in particular – were established in the earliest days of statehood dating back to the 13th century, it is only in comparatively recent times that all elements – social, political, cultural and linguistic –have cohered into what is recognizable today as Thai and Thailand. By linking the text to existing landmarks the history provides both an enjoyable read in its own right and a fascinating guide to the monuments and buildings that visitors can see on their travels around the country.

Sukhothai Thailand

Thailand Government

Established in around 1237-1257, Sukhothai literally means “Dawn of Happiness.” Phokhun Si Intharathit was the founder of the Phra Ruang Dynasty, Sukhothai’s first Dynasty. For 120 years as the capital of Thailand, Sukhothai was ruled by many kings. In this connection, the most dynamic monarch being King Ramkhamhaeng the Great, who created the Thai alphabet, laid the foundation for politics, monarchy, and religion, as well as, expanded its boundary of influence. Though the golden era of Sukhothai no more existed, tourists should bear in mind that respect and admiration for the renowned ruined twin cities of Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai is valued.

Must See Sukhothai Thailand

Thailand Government

No trip to Thailand would be complete without a visit to the birthplace of the Thai nation and the country’s first capital, Sukhothai. Established in 1238, Sukhothai lasted over two centuries and boasts 100 historical sites, including the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sukhothai Historical Park and Si Satchanalai Historical Park. It is also one of the most ambient spots to soak up the magical candlelit floats that glisten in the moonlit water during the annual Loi Krathong Festival, as it is where the festival originated many centuries ago.If you only have a day or two to visit Sukhothai, Thailand, this book identifies the places you do not want to miss.The text and photos are from Thai Government web sites and, as such, are in the Public Domain. You may find the information for free on the web.

Wandering at Sukhothai THAILAND A photo album with GPS coordinates (Japanese Edition)

Seji Goto


Sukhothai Guide (AsiaForVisitors eGuides)

Michael Holland

This small ebook provides a handy guide to the sights of ancient city of Sukhothai in the north of Thailand. It covers all the major ruins, museums and also includes a guide to the related site of Si Satchanalai.This eguide describes all the major sights of the city, which mostly comprises the ruins of old temples which can be found within the old walled city and in the countryside around it. A suggested route for visiting the sights is included, along with a guide to the sights of the sister city of Si Satchanalai.

Thailand Drifter

Peter Jaggs

Whether your idea of travelling Thailand is wandering around the ruined temples of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya, swinging in a hammock outside a ramshackle hut on a deserted, backpackers' beach, meeting the Akha Hill-Tribe people of the North or drinking beer and getting down and dirty with the bar-girls and lady-boys of Pattaya; Thailand Drifter has it all, plus a load of laughs and very much more. Over the past few years, a growing number of titles about roaming Thailand have appeared on the shelves of bookstores and on e-book websites, but what sets Peter Jaggs' work apart from the others is the way in which the author's words paint a perfect picture of the kind of situations and characters that any visitor to the country is bound to find themselves involved with, should they have come to Thailand for the diverse culture, the infamous night-life, the glorious beaches or simply for a relaxing holiday. After thirty years of floating around Thailand Jaggs knows what he is talking about and the thousands of copies his twelve titles have sold to date, despite only being on sale for only a few years, demonstrate this. The twenty unique and very humorous travel tales contained in this offering are inescapably relevant to any potential traveler to the country, because as well as the kaleidoscope of colorful individuals they will undoubtedly stumble across, the book also brings to life a wealth of locations and circumstances that the reader is almost certain to walk slap-bang into, when following in the footsteps of a confirmed Thailand Drifter.  "Modern classics of Pattaya? I think so, you judge". Richard Ravensdale, Vice President of Pattaya ex-pats club"It is clear that Peter knows what he is talking about to be able to write (them) so well". Pattaya Trader Magazine

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